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all good things come to an end

as some of you may have understood seeing the lack of updating recently, it is time to write the words ‘the end’ to the great experience of the darialogist. i don’t feel motivated anymore, both because i have nothing more to write on daria’s modeling and because i think i have achieved all my goals as a darialogist, so it is time to move over and focus on other projects.
i don’t know if my idea of a blog on a model’s poetics has been so successful, but what i have tried to build in these 40 months of blogging has been a cultural reading of daria’s work. of course the relationship between characters and reality is always very charming, but when i think of daria as ‘the face of today’, in lagerfeld’s words, i don’t refer to her as a person, with her private life and destiny, but to the narrative plot unfolding through her pics: a narrative plot that to me has always been very intense and dramatic, made of a conflictual body language and of a inspirational gender game. a narrative plot that is a sort of symbolic form of our times, with reference to the warburg school, also in the dynamics between aesthetics and economics. the model of my analysis has always been roland barthes’ reading of greta garbo’s face in ‘mythologies’.
i would like to dedicate a real essay to a cultural study of daria’s works, who knows, maybe in the future i will have fun doing it.
in the meantime i will say thank you to all the readers and commenters, included haters and monitorers: thanks for spending some time reading my posts, for sending images, links, even private spots!! those who want to stay in touch can add me as friend at facebook. i will continue to post at tfs though.
to continue to follow daria you can read tfs, the daria files and the daria werbowy gallery.

p.s.: i will set the hq archive soon.

welcome to the new darialogist

this blog  is a queer homage to daria werbowy, in my view a peculiar BODY ARTIST more than a topmodel.

GENDER ROMANCE means that i explore how daria’s body language is stronger than fashion stereotypes and marketing constraints. that’s what i consider HER POETICS as a model: modeling as a performance, body as a representation of conflicts. and that’s also why i consider her as MY MUSE: she embodies a perfect refined meeting of feminine and masculine, melancholic and ironic, physical and intellectual, my ideal of beauty and erotism.

this site is focused only on daria’s works, not on her private life.


17.07.09: first changes start to be evident… in daria’s works and body art sections…

swiss style!

a nice girl called teresa sent me a couple of shots of the interview… it’s in german, so if someone wants to translate it… i just caught a few passages, like the answer to the question if she lives with her bf… just a bit, only a bit, the opposit of what you can read in!! such a mess is so funny!

the independent state of daria


well, what can i say? this 2009 has been very rich from the viewpoint of press works and this very beautiful – very darish cover confirms it. i can see a moss aura on it, it reminds me a bit of the ‘independent state of kate’ or what that cover was named… and yeah, this is the independent state of daria 2009: beauty as a free sensual elusive world of physical happiness.
this pic was posted at tfs by clotheshorse along with others taken from the september issue of flare. see them here. photographer is max abadian. we can’t say clothes are so great, neither are the other two covers, but in general daria’s posing is a further demontration of her maturity and charisma.

officiel daria

deborah kindly sent me two mobile pics of a little interview daria has in the current issue of the french mag l’officiel.

she also offered a short translation:
Daria Werbowy She’d like to live at the Middle Ages, sails on the Ontario lake, draws at the India(n) ink… You thought you knew her. Meeting with the muse of the new lancome perfume, Hypnose senses. Your fashion icon? “Linda Evangelista.” Your style? “I have a ‘shifted’ style, mixing new and old”. What kind of buyer are you? “I always buy the same things – jeans and black leather jackets that i collect.” The detail which comes back in the clothes that you like… “The feathers” Your ideal cocktail dress? “A (small and)short black dress.” Your oldest piece? ” Motorcyclist boots that i have since i’m 12.” Your favourites designers? ” Balmain, Isabel marant” Never a summer without… “Beer” Never a winter without… “Snowboard in the Vermont and at Val d’Isère.” Your first olfactory memory? “The smell of the stoves at my grandmother.” In your bag, there’s always “A camera.” Your last purchase? “A shower in my flat that i renovate at New York, in the Lower East Side”. Your sport activities? “Sail, snowboard, basket and rugby.” Your paradise on earth? “In the middle of the ocean.” Your favourite artistic movement? “The dada” Your decoration style? “Like me: old and a little bit of contemporary, with a bit of rustic. I like the places with history.” Your favourite town? “Paris” Your main flaw? “I’m always late, and i always miss my planes.” Your grandmother secret? “To wash the face with lemon juice and rinse it with hot water.” In your sponge bag, there’s always… “The eyecream Lancome Secret de vie.” Your hairdresser? “Harry Josh, at NY – canadian like me.” Your nails? “Naturals or blacks.”

no vogue paris special


er, sorry… where has the full daria issue ended up?! instead we have just a thick normal issue with a lot of editorials and models… i wonder if wwd just made up things or plans have changed meanwhile… so let’s content ourselves with this nice pic taken by thefrenchy from the main editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… typical marant gender playing style i’m never fed up with… plus the cover of course, which i like: simple, sober, a kind of work i’d like to see more in the overexcited fashion photography… more british than parisien in my opinion… hopefully we’ll get a bit more of our girl…. (p.s.: i wonder if eniko has become i&v’s new nude muse this year, since daria seems to avoid nudity).

deborah’s preview shots under request :p here.

collateral activities

while i’m doing a few changes in this blog – expect an introductory post to a new darialogistic phase – i posted a vid i downloaded from it’s taken from the h&m event in ny last end of april and you can see daria at the beginning and the speaking a bit in the middle.

and kuklina at fashist says there’s not only daria in the forthcoming issue of vogue paris.  a lot of her, but there are other girls too…