a country girl in broadway: city of cheesy plots


it’s with a deep emotion that i’m here announcing thawintour-testino latest production in american vogue featuring daria werbowy – and caroline trentini – has a narrative plot. yes, this time we don’t have just a bunch of pictures or mere hints at a concept. we have a proper story: a girl arriving from the country in ny with a goal in her life: to become a star. it’s a story of sacrifice, friendship, courage… a very original and complex story indeed!
see the route from poor roots to success here.

5 Responses

  1. boooooringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  2. what’s up with img this year? lack of success, strategy, etc.
    very dissapointed

  3. i cant believe that. boring is boring, we are used to it already, but at least dont make daria look average when she is so stunning.

    i think the team must actually put effort to make a model like daria look non-breath-taking. only in the photo with grey dress does she have some of her charm, the rest is pure blah. especially the pic that you put up! much respect to testino and to daria, but i dont get pics like this.

    you take a beautiful dress and a gorgeous model who has excellent posing abilities and an ok setting to produce this!!!! hello, wtf!.!.!.!

    this is not an editorial, there is 0 if not -10 creativity in it. i hope it helps her get some campaigns, because other than that it is useless.

    i am bitter and disappointed.

  4. well Daria obviously slowed down her pace, i think it was more her decission than IMG’s.

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