indigo girl


pls note the difference of her nose between the retouched close up and the other natural pics!! :ppp

^ a new image!


this is a behind the scene image taken from fw 2009 lancome colour campaign shot by mario sorrenti. title of the line is declaring indigo. more here

senses and resenses

another mysterious video from the mysterious series of lancome sense shooting videos….

and voilà, the uk vogue video too at youtbe thanks to mm6789.

old but good


found this pcs at
it comes from a march 2006 lancome event in toronto.

lancome pictures


i know, i know, i still have to comment properly about the vogue paris editorial. i’ll do it as soon as i have some free time, which hasn’t happened yet in the latest week. btw, i bought the issue. i’ll be able to scan when i recover the mag. i left it somewhere else when i had to travel last monday.
instead thing of the day is that in a site from vietnam i found a bunch of new lancome (?) pics that look new to me.


i mean, nothing stellar, but that’s a nice set and new things are always welcome. the site says that source is lancome, so it looks like they haven’t completely forgotten about daria! i wouldn’t say her interpretation of the lancome femme is so good in any pic. for instance in the #5, despite long dress and pose, there’s a masculine vibe that i can’t see so ‘lancomien’. at least it’s good to see the natural shape of her legs. #6 and #7 are nice and more darish, but we’ve seen similar poses many times. i like #8, i like the combination of shoulders, skin and dress.