mysterious pic again (maybe)

"what happened to my hair?!"

"i can't find my gloves..."

does anybody know where this pic comes from? it was posted in a blog under the name of eniko and caption says it was taken during a testino’s shooting in time square… maybe an unpublished pic from her latest us vogue editorial? or maybe it’s just my memory to start to get old…

anyways, daria is featured in another french magazine: the issue of the 10th of july of elle. title of the little interview is une nuit avec daria (a night with daria). i’m not even commenting all the recent interviews cos i find some pieces so surreal that it’s definitely better if i keep my mouth well shut. the telegraph one has some interesting pieces, i’d like to know more about her ‘existential wake up’, but… okay,we’d better enjoy this new preview. hopefully some french reader will scan the page (it’s time to buy a scanner for my precious french source!!! 😉 haha). i hope there’s some unexpected transgenderism in the elle picture.

elle 10th of july

marie claire

daria has a short beauty interview in the august issue of french marie claire. we can’t read the interview in this image taken from, but my source (deborah) told me she mentions again the lemon tip… or maybe it’s just the journalist who mentions it!

marie claire interview

indigo girl


pls note the difference of her nose between the retouched close up and the other natural pics!! :ppp

^ a new image!


this is a behind the scene image taken from fw 2009 lancome colour campaign shot by mario sorrenti. title of the line is declaring indigo. more here

dariae dariarum

buffalo girl

buffalo girl loves heineken

while you girls are drooling at this divine pic found by tinsley who also explains which blog she took it from at her daria files, news of the moment is that daria will be the only model in the august issue of vogue france shot by inez & vinoodh only… so, after lara stone in february, it’s time to save money for carine and emmanuelle booking our girl for an entire issue. at least i hope we get a good range of variations of darialogism!! i also wonder if we’ll get some nudity for the first time in this 2009 that has been very demure and sober… is someone jealous??!! 😉

and enjoy hypnose senses part 3.

a country girl in broadway: city of cheesy plots


it’s with a deep emotion that i’m here announcing thawintour-testino latest production in american vogue featuring daria werbowy – and caroline trentini – has a narrative plot. yes, this time we don’t have just a bunch of pictures or mere hints at a concept. we have a proper story: a girl arriving from the country in ny with a goal in her life: to become a star. it’s a story of sacrifice, friendship, courage… a very original and complex story indeed!
see the route from poor roots to success here.

longchamp vs. longcamp

longchamp 1

finally a sign of life on the fw09 ads side! i was wondering if our girl had been a bit too lazy recently!! :p
me, i didn’t even know a brand called ‘longchamp’ existed, but better than nothing! and in general i like her working along with kate moss cos there’s always a genuine erotic vibe between them (do you remember yurman 08 vid?!?! a cult!!). the pic is rather small so it’s difficult to distinguish details, it looks like a typical m&m pic, i don’t know if the sailors row thing is visionary or just pure fashion demential, i’ll have to think about it when i see hq images, certainly daria looks a bit weird with no eyebrows, but that may be a part of fiction, so i don’t mind about it, it’s only a matter of good or bad fiction. certainly i like the pose, there’s an androgyne vibe that i certainly prefer – just to make an example – to any lancome hyperfeminine fiction. so let’s wait for better pics. i must confess i would like to get a pic where it’s our girl to be dressed like a sailor and hold waif moss in her arms… 😉 talking about camp vibes…

senses & sensibility

so you girls and few guys want me to work even when i’m in vacation! fortunately it hasn’t been such a exhausting work since links were provided by kind commenter phairness. in this vid you have 1 minute and 19 seconds of allusive semitopless posing for the new lancome campaign (a fragance called hypnose senses?). it’s always interesting to compare fictional daria to the real one, cos you can fully appreciate her transformism. that being said, it’s always the same conflict: admiration for beauty and talent, sadness for the use of women’s body in cosmetics and fashion industries. the easy rhetorics of gorgeous nudity is sold and sells, we live in a material world and we are material rich exploited girls!
more pics here. i must also say that, apart from anticapitalistic (!!) considerations, i still find it opinable that ppl define daria as body perfection. we all agree that she’s gorgeous, but just watching these images and this vid one fully realises how unperfectly beautiful she is! she’s everything but flawless!