this site is a extendend continuation of the old blogspot page THE DARIALOGIST. click here to know more about the old blog.

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this not a fanpage, but a queer homage to daria werbowy, in my view a peculiar BODY ARTIST more than a topmodel.

GENDER ROMANCE means that i explore how daria’s body language is stronger than fashion stereotypes and marketing constraints. that’s what i consider HER POETICS as a model: modeling as a performance, body as a representation of conflicts. and that’s also why i consider her as MY MUSE: she embodies a perfect refined meeting of feminine and masculine, melancholic and ironic, physical and intellectual, my ideal of beauty and erotism.

so, remember that i’m a lesbian, i have a queer sense of humour and forgive my english.

i have no connection with daria. the responsability of what you’ll be reading here is only mine.

more to come

One Response

  1. I was talkin abt the article *Darias Privates Paradies* (Daria*s Private Paradise) in the German Glamour~
    (was abt her Loft in New York)

    I consider it as the best magazine in the price class of abt 2,00€, so no… it doesn*t only say stupid things.

    what do you mean with *worth quoting* ?

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