psychedelic daria


2 new vids about matthew williamson are available at h&m. there are a few psichedelic images of the campaign backstage and you can hear about 7 seconds of a double daria speaking. as usual h&m vids are better than pictures.

the mexicans

what a couple!

1-2-3... smile!!!

backstage pictures are available at grazia.

(and rumour has that daria will be one of the supers – or supposed supers, like in her case – to be featured in the forthcoming v45 – some even say there’ll be 21 tops… which i find ridicolus: the more you increase the number, the more you decrease the value of the super),

h&m ads in the way

from tfs thread about vogue paris april 2009 issue: “about new ads- i can only rememeber H&M by Matthew Williamson feaut. Daria (dunno if its new or not) by Solve Sundsbo– 2 pics with daria in same outfit, but diffrent poses, very similar to her last ed in Nippon vogue april- `uptown girl`-white background, slightly moving poses…” (sex alien friend).