a country girl in broadway: city of cheesy plots


it’s with a deep emotion that i’m here announcing thawintour-testino latest production in american vogue featuring daria werbowy – and caroline trentini – has a narrative plot. yes, this time we don’t have just a bunch of pictures or mere hints at a concept. we have a proper story: a girl arriving from the country in ny with a goal in her life: to become a star. it’s a story of sacrifice, friendship, courage… a very original and complex story indeed!
see the route from poor roots to success here.

july in vogue

from fashion week daily:  “mario testino and anna wintour recently were enthralled by the play and west side story will be featured in the july issue of vogue in a shoot with daria werbowy”. i don’t know if i have to be happy about too or start hitting my head against the wall!

a deep end


daria has an editorial shot by mert & marcus in the april issue of vogue america (the shape issue). title is “the deep end”. incredible! it’s not testino… it’s not inez & vinoodh… .
pictures are available at rock the trend.
i still don’t have a proper opinion about this ed. i can’t say i’m crazy about it, but at least it’s something different. i’d say that there’s a cold 80s vibe… and well, she’s very athletic and statuesque| it somehow reminds me of 2007 ed for vogue paris shot (i suppose) by thompson. i’ll check about it tomorrow when i’m back home. and you know usually i’m not a us vogue-daria fan…