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so you girls and few guys want me to work even when i’m in vacation! fortunately it hasn’t been such a exhausting work since links were provided by kind commenter phairness. in this vid you have 1 minute and 19 seconds of allusive semitopless posing for the new lancome campaign (a fragance called hypnose senses?). it’s always interesting to compare fictional daria to the real one, cos you can fully appreciate her transformism. that being said, it’s always the same conflict: admiration for beauty and talent, sadness for the use of women’s body in cosmetics and fashion industries. the easy rhetorics of gorgeous nudity is sold and sells, we live in a material world and we are material rich exploited girls!
more pics here. i must also say that, apart from anticapitalistic (!!) considerations, i still find it opinable that ppl define daria as body perfection. we all agree that she’s gorgeous, but just watching these images and this vid one fully realises how unperfectly beautiful she is! she’s everything but flawless!


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  1. well ahmm..
    i get shock hahaha..
    great video.. i was not going to check the darialogist
    today but i did and it was a great!
    THANKS! … ♥

  2. hi
    i have seen this girl a few times near …, does she live in …?

  3. Eword i know you are on vacation but i found one video about Stoked on Spring and i want to share it with you 🙂 You can see Daria around 2:30 min.

  4. great to see your post, i was getting a bit depressed that you were running away from your fans! but am happy that you too cannot live without us.

    just, i don’t know how i feel about this video, the style and movement of the camera reminds me more of some cheap porn teaser than of anything classy and premium… which is a shame because the shot of the ad is quite nice and of course seeing daria being the object in the video actually upset me.

    but what is this sarcasm about dee’s body, i love her knees, they should include them more often in photos and the muscles of her inner thighs. anyway, the duality of real and fictional is always enticing to me, but there are worse things than being a material rich exploited girl, and being a material poor exploited girl would be just one of them.

    and also ad images are beautiful regardless of whether they use stereotypes or responses to basic instincts to sell. imagine how grim our world would be without advertising all around, no one ever would see those beautiful women and that would be a shame, no.

  5. thanks anon! i’ll spread news better soon.

    evelina, well, that vid is just a piece of backstage images from the ad set. i don’t think her posing here is so different from the topless pirelli pics in the dust with fontana. we all know daria has 3-4 expressions on that side and 3-4 positions, + hand in her hair. i wonder if it’s a stolen vid after all, seeing there’s no even music. but certainly these kind of backstage images seem to reveal the hidden soft porn spirit behind fashion and cosmetic ads! nudity sells, sex sells, that’s the truth at the core of advertisments and seeing how a model’s posing is into it just shows it more clearly. just remember the powerhouse editorial in v last year! the gallery of naked models! the triumph of modeling as mediatic prostitution… very sad.
    that being said, she’s very gorgeous and digniful at least, which wouldn’t be so obvious for everyone. ‘the material rich exploited girls’ was just an ironic oxymoron. there’re worse things than that!

  6. I’m a little late replying lol

    I agree with you about the use of nudity in the industry; well, I don’t mind it being used once in a while, but it seems there’s an overflow of nudes and companies thinking that nudity sells (which is unfortunately true). It kinda reminds me of Edita Vilkeviciute posing for this editorial for Numéro mag and many of her fans were questioning the use of nudity in the ed (the ed had also had something to do with fragances), if it was really necessary to use it in that context. Before I didn’t really care if nudity was used by a company to sell me something but now I’m considering that I might’ve been brainwashed since I had gotten so used to it like most people have.

  7. i think there’s a huge brainwashing around. i mean, i don’t know if companies think about it explicitely, but this massive use of unnecessary nudity looks like a part of brainwashing strategy to keep consumers’ level of critical abilities very low. i mean, it looks like it’s a part of a body cult that at the moment seems to overwhelm mind culture.
    the funny thing is that i love nudity, don’t misunderstand me. it’s just that a lot of times i reflect what the difference is between ‘ female nudity/beauty sells’ and prostitution. i still have to find the answer!

  8. preen, you post had ended up in spam…
    anyways, i deleted names of the places to protect privacy, but if you spotted her there, it means she was there! 😉

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