spring indolence

it’s been a while… but i’ve been rather busy as usual and stuff… and right now i’m not at home, so i can’t even post more hq pictures! in my laptop i found some old pics i had prepared for the old darialogist though, like this 2006 darish triplet…


meanwhile you can enjoy a couple of link like this uk vogue article celebrating a definitely very important moment in history or this harper’s bazaar article on peter lindbergh and supermodels where daria is briefly mentioned.

little daria under the christmas tree

as usual when i’m just surfing cos i’m too tired to do something else i get the best finds… voilĂ  a very young daria from an old aritzia postcard (caption says even 1998) .

daria on a sofa

daria on a sofa

i’d say one of her best juvenile shots. i’d like to know who the photographer was.
full pic at the aritzia blog.

queer christmas…

… to everybody and happy new year! enjoy this *old* picture…

bowling at the fashion week (february 2005)

bowling at the fashion week (february 2005)

i’m not at home and can’t post more, but i’m thinking about the final 2008 entry…