collateral activities

while i’m doing a few changes in this blog – expect an introductory post to a new darialogistic phase – i posted a vid i downloaded from it’s taken from the h&m event in ny last end of april and you can see daria at the beginning and the speaking a bit in the middle.

and kuklina at fashist says there’s not only daria in the forthcoming issue of vogue paris.  a lot of her, but there are other girls too…

7 Responses

  1. Daria could have been featured in the Vogue story about models and their boyfriends

  2. modelinia isn’t a great source, they basically repeat what they find around.

    and it’s much better she wasn’t featured in that story, which gave me skin irritation btw… :pppp

  3. ^haha. Daria is on the cover of Vogue paris august.

  4. yeah, i’m just going through the vogue issue thread…

    and btw in the modelinia blog they even say kennyboy was an assistant of mario testino…

  5. The title was models and bf’s […] she was not there. It would have been great though

  6. a lot of things would be great… hopefully in the future… in a better world… with different contracts… 🙂

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