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while i’m waiting for a proper internet connection in my summer residence, which will lead to some changes in this blog, enjoy this kettela’s unknown picture. news: longchamp campaign was posted at tfsand she gave a decent tinteview to the telegraph (uk). everything available at tfs… and at the daria blolgs by tinsley and mm6789.

h&m vid: meta-fun & meta-irony

too bad it’s not daria’s voice!

THE DAY AFTER. i still don’t understand where this vid came from and if it’s the official summer 09 commercial. anyways, “horrible” is the word i have heard the most, but personally i find it so silly that eventually i had fun watching it. maybe mine is a meta-fun, where i just focus on daria in bed saying ‘boring‘ to that guy and then ‘time for a change’ or something like that. then i have fun watching at the difference between her sportish running style and the final scene where she’s all feminine and languishing caressing that really perfect example of 007-like masculinity called matthiew williamson. btw, i wonder if they put a 1 meter cube under his feet to make him look taller than the models!!

a metter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

a matter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

so for all these reasons i must have so much fun watching this video! i find it so ironic, but maybe not for the reasons it was made!!

new (?) h&m


mah… blah… i’m rather perplexe… it looks like a vogue paris editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… i have seen this kind of poses and this setting so many times… i was really expecting something different. to use a word often abused by fashionistas, that’s really boring and uninspired. it looks like it’s going to be one of her worst compaigns ever.
(pic posted by miss at bellazon)

body of evidence

leather is the night

leather is the night

just one word: so darish…
again everything is so right, so right this year… well, everything but a few cavalli pics… but it’s like in this early 2009 i have seen sometihng consistent in editorials, covers and advertisments, despite variatons¬†of styling and gender playing. maybe it’s just that her body languge has become so mature and aware. maybe.
the first picture above reminds me of another shot… let me think about it. i find it amazing though. so energic, so volitive, so strong, yet so classy and delicate. magical touch.
the complete series of shots is available here. i’m not that fond of the 3rd couple of pics, but i’m loving this shooting!


little pic great pose ;-)
who’s this prince charming in heels?

a few new things to fill daria’s modeling universe today. ūüôā

first, we got this new unexpected campaign: balmain. unfortunately at¬†the moment¬†the only available image is still very small. yet, rather revealing. i bet it’s inez & vinoodh again… or not? i even wonder if the pic was shot on¬†the same day and in the same place as the isabel marant campaign. anyways, i heart a very similar rough and post-fashionist mood. still emmanuelle alt behind? and her love for daria? it would be nice to write an essay on remotion and return of the removed in alt-werbowy relationship!
so imagine a long trip along the isabel marant road to nowhere through the desert … and at the end of nowhere – in pure mitology – this dusty green place with such a tall¬†transgenetic being¬†standing in heels.¬†soundtrack¬†is a¬†slow lo-fi version of prince charming by adam and the ants.¬†how beautiful if such a minor stream could finally become the new mark of daria’s late career. instead of new dull works aiming to make her charme regular and… er…¬†commercially appealing to consumers.
from this perspective an article about¬†dormice taken from¬†fad looks interesting. daria seems to be “in talk” with them “to star in a campaign that is first accessed by portraiture”. it would be great to see her in a work by this duo that mixes so different styles, bonding classical references with a metaphisic vibe and a postmodernist dimension.
and to finish with another unexpected collaboration, even if that happens at h&m, according to daria should be in a forthcoming campaign featuring designer matthew williamson too and shot by solve sundsbo. a different photographer! look at the excellent result when he shot daria in 2003 for¬†vogue uk in the editorial¬†page (see link k on the left) clickin on ‘2003 – jump to the¬†beat‘.¬†i also wonder if he shot her for hermes fw 07 too. not sure about it at all. corrections are welcome, but certainly that editorial shows that he might know how to get darialogism out of daria… although it’s a campaign!

marant gallery

isabel marant s/s 09 campaign

isabel marant s/s 09 campaign

that looks like the complete series of isabel marant s/s 09 campaign, shot (again) by inez & vinoodh and styled by emmanuelle alt. as someone said at tfs, the paris mafia is back! i hope that¬†alt will take care of daria in some forthcoming issue of vogue paris too (especially after seeing the so booooring issue with lara stone whose facial expressions are less than versatile, so to say…).¬† and i also hope that she will back to shooting with some other photographer… i’m starting to miss testino! :s well, at least it’s a less obvious i&vee this time, a bit rougher.
my fave of the three remains the first one. second is difficult to judge until i see a bigger version, about the third there’s a stick effect of her legs that i don’t appreciate so much, especially compared to the muscolar slimness of the first one. in general i like it that the campaign is not focused on daria’s beauty, but on her emotional dimension. there’s something deep, not superficial, that perflectly fits daria’s interpretation. whenever i see daria into pics like those, i feel relief and think that she’s doing what she’s the best at: to embody a rent, a hole in fashion perfection. to express a kind of pain that fashion tends to remove. that’s why i also liked her pirelli sub-calendar after all. the way she does nudity is so different… and i think (again) of ‘in love’ too. but that’s for the 2008 post!
i wonder how much room fashion will leave to her for this. see cavalli campaign as a reply.
the gallery was posted by sex alien friend at tfs.

is that the same wig?

76053_scan0070_122_578lo1that’s what i wondered when i saw the new ad featuring freja in the eyewear collection..
looks like this year cavalli has a passion for platinum blonde wigs. and if in daria’s case, many tried to see a monroe reference in order to give the images some meaning, what’s the point here? fashion mysteries. too bad there are no pics of them together, it would have been nice.
anyways, i have been thinking about the famous promised post on 2008, but in the last days i have suffered from a very annoying toothache that hasn’t left me many energies… that’s also why i didn’t proceed in updating the site. tooth against daria…

new marant

first image of a new isabel marant ad here.

such a surprise!

joy in my eyes and my hearth

joy in my eyes and my heart

aaaww, such a surprise that makes this cold winter evening a bit warmer… that’s mydaria, our daria. and they didn’t even photoshop her nose, which is great. miauuu!!! let me have dinner and then (maybe) i’ll be back drooling all my joy! i wonder who the photographer is. it doesn’t look like inez & d√©j√†-voodh.

(meanwhile: 4th cavalli)

inez & déjà-voodh

cavalli: a third image is available. as some pointed out at tfs, this campaign looks very ‘disconnected’. what to say about this shot? maybe the best of the bunch, but it’s very inez & vinoodh, very d√©j√†-vu… we could call them: inez & d√©j√†-voodh!! it reminds me of at least a couple of vogue france editorials and it also has a vibe of jpg fall 08 campaign…


blonde on blonde


i’ll be back later. now i need to get over some seasonal virus… :s btw, it’s confirmed that the campaign is by inez & vinoodh.

sorry many girls and few guys, yesterday i was resting in bed most of time to get over some flu. so today it’s finally time for some proper comment.
i can’t say this campaign is bad. it’s that you may easily understand that it’s not the kind of work i’d like to see. you know, it’s rather frustrating to recognise such a great expressive potential in daria and to compare it to actual works. most of 2008 works have been rather dull. unfortunately she’s mostly worked with mario testino, who exactly represents the opposit of darialogism, and with inez & vinoodh, who, in my opinion, have become a sort of vogue-photographic-machines with rather repetitive and routine-like shootings. if you compare last year to 2007, when daria also happened to work with paolo roversi, peter lindbergh and a proper terry richardson, you fully realise how inferior 2008 was. but that’s a preview of my post about 2008. let’s be back to cavalli and keep the previous lines as an introduction to the core of my review: my problem with this campaign is not roberto cavalli and his aesthetic, i actually like it when daria plays characters. my problem is the superficiality of realisation. and that’s my problem with inez & vinoodh at this moment, at least when they work with daria: it’s like they don’t go beyond the surface of the image, there’s no depth in their photography. their research of shapes and volumes and dynamics has become too repetitive, too obvious. they look like a sort of indie made respectable. how to say it? they kind of¬†blink at alternative photography and they make it very mainstream. if i think of their first shootings with daria, i see an involution from those times. but i think it depends more on them than in daria as a model. actually sometimes it looks to me like it’s her to bring some life to pics, i think of in love or 2008 summer editorials… agh, i can’t help going back to 2008.
so, i don’t see a great difference between the 2009 january issue of vogue nippon and the first cavalli shot of daria as a glamazon. actually i can’t see a great difference with 2008 april vogue nippon cover too. and if this second shot is a quotation of ’50s pin-ups, why is she laughing? is that a parody? i can’t see a parody in the first glamazon pic. ok, there’s no need to have a strong consistence between all the pics, but i’d like to understand if the key of the campaign is parody or what… it seems to me that they had to save money, so no setting this time, just a studio shooting. and i have a sense of lack of creativity. like order was ‘play with characters’, then realisation was rather casual. let’s see if we’ll get more pics to make a more complete judgment. and let’s wait for forum: minor campaign, but major darialogism.

giselizing daria

daria for ss09 cavalli

daria for ss09 cavalli

mmh…¬†so glamazon. yet, there are other ways she can play the feminine side, but this looks like the one more at hand. glamazon and gisele-like… very cavalli roots too!¬†i’ll analyse it more when i’m back home. so prepare yourselves to see this post to become longer! now i’m just zzzz… and this advertisement didn’t help to wake me up!! btw, it looks like it can be inez & vinoodh again… i don’t know. i’m afraid they’ll become my new nightmare this year… along with the evergreen testino!
bigger size here posted by faith akyiama.


so 2009 is here! gasp!! i know i promised a final balance of daria’s 2008, but these latest days i’ve been very busy doing… nothing! yes, i think for the first time since¬†a couple of¬†centuries ago i have neither deadlines nor unfinished works, so i could concentrate a bit on pratical things that i had to do since a couple of millenniums ago… tomorrow i’m back home and hopefully in the next days i’ll post my final considerations on daria’s last year.
meanwhile i can say that just when i was wondering if there’s been a fall on interest in daria recently, deborah posted a comment at the previous entry announcing that daria will be the face of the forthcoming cavalli campaign. no more details at the moment. we still don’t know who the photographer is. it will be the 3rd time daria does a campaign for cavalli after the beautiful 2006 ads¬†with that oriental model by mert and marcus and the rather mediocre 2008 ads by inez & vinoodh also featuring herzegova and moss. ok, let’s say i really hope it’s not inez & vinoodh again cos i must admit i’m rather tired of seeing daria in a shot of theirs. last year she preminently worked with them. a few things were good, but honestly i’d like to see something differently creative.
my doubts about fall of interest first came from the statistics of my blogs, both here and at blogger previously.¬† since last autumn i noticed that internet¬†searches for the darialogist were almost superior to those for daria, which sounds a bit paradoxical. it may mean nothing as much as it may mean nothing that her tfs thread has been so dead recently. even when the pirelli calendar was published, there was nobody posting links in the thread. there were almost no comments about it, unlike for the other models. add daria’s low profile and allergy to events and self-promoting.
right now i’m trying to watch 2 vids whose links were kindly posted by an anonymous nice commenter. i have a slow connection here and it’s torturingly slow!! i don’t think i’ll get to see both, i would content myself if i can see some more seconds of the first so that i can at least post a small screencap! but it’s hard! both vids are taken from the wall of fame event… if there’s anybody who’s able to dl the vid and then to post them at youtube, we’ll be very grateful! ūüôā
screencaps from the vids

screencaps from the vids

here come the links:
Daria Werbowy: Canada’s Walk of Fame 1
Daria Werbowy: Canada’s Walk of Fame 2
just a curiosity. do you know that in italian ‘cavalli’ means ‘horses’?

little daria under the christmas tree

as usual when i’m just surfing cos i’m too tired to do something else i get the best finds… voil√† a very young daria from an old aritzia postcard (caption says even 1998) .

daria on a sofa

daria on a sofa

i’d say one of her best juvenile shots. i’d like to know who the photographer was.
full pic at the aritzia blog.

new campaign

daria joplin

daria joplin

daria’s are vogue eyewear eyes this season! the complete series of images was posted by lovely sweet rus at tfs. it’s nice to see daria back in a campaign, even more relief! ūüėČ i’d define this as an average campaign: nothing special, nothing bad. i prefer the gipsy and the hawaii looks, but honestly i’m not that fond of the vogue eyewear¬†glasses…