senses and resenses

another mysterious video from the mysterious series of lancome sense shooting videos….

and voilà, the uk vogue video too at youtbe thanks to mm6789.

ghost vid

i must have posted this entry while i was sleeping last night…
anyways, a vid featuring daria shooting indian summer is available at too bad i can’t manage to watch it! so pls download it and re-upload it at youtube!!! i feel frustrated that i can’t still watch it, cos i suppose it’s more interesting than the lancome shooting.
vid was found a by mm6789, the owner of a new blog on daria! new blog address is: daria gallery.
another video featuring daria is the one about the stoke on spring event. she isn’t speaking, you can only see her following a guy’s speech for about 1 minute from 2’15”. very natural daria. link was provided by a nice collaborative anon who always suggests nice links.


and i know that i’m slower than ever in updating news and editorials and stuff, but this month i have deadlines until the 23rd, so please just content yourselves with a few posts! and i think you have read everywehere she’s 8th in the forbes chart of richest models in the world (fortunately she seems to have a very low position in the poshest ones), that she’s the face of lancome senses, new evolution of hypnose, and that we know nothing about fw 09 campaigns yet.
and please find a way to make me see the uk vogue vid!! uuuufff!!!
update! i finally watched the vid. nice, after all. she looked rather relaxed. and she must be an elephants expert now!


you’re waiting for daria showing up on a cover in paris. instead you get her showing up in london… eurochannel manouvres in the dark…



picture by mario testino who this year seems to be able again to shoot daria decently… (scanned by nothingless at tfs). too bad it’s a bit too airbrushed and that the missing g makes this weird voue effect…

transgender vs. androgyne

gender rebel

gender rebel

what do the latest uk vogue editorial and the balmain advertisment have in common? in my opinion both show the difference between androgyne and transgender at the best. because there’s no androgyne representation here, but a transgender expression. that’s emmanuelle alt’s general lesson learnt by lucinda chamber, who styled this editorial. and that’s daria’s peculiarity: she walks in the transgender path, not in the androgyne. she holds feminine and masculine at the same time, there’s a dynamic gender game that is different from androgyne linear shift into opposit gender. look at the picture above: you can see signs both of masculine and feminine. those signs belong both to styling and to daria’s body language. it’s like daria the person has both feminine and masculine characteristics and she can use them in a different degree according to the purpose of the editorial. so to say, she can play the femme (cavalli ss09 campaign for instance) and she can play the boy. usually ‘they’ make her play the femme cos it’s more commercial and easily appealing, but usually ‘they’ forget she can’t reach the heterosexist level of femme (see pirelli, see ‘in love’ etc.). better: they might not forget, but general audience doesn’t pay too much attention to details, to the so called return of removed (masculine).
ok, i can’t write more right now. i’d just like to compare this editorial to previous ones in order to better show what i mean. there’s material to talk about for a row of posts! meanwhile let’s enjoy a wordless comparison with a 2006 italian vogue editorial by steven meisel feauturing amanda moore.

who wins?

who wins?

waiting for uk vogue

daria has an editorial shot by… er… testino in the march issue of uk vogue. we’re waiting for the scans.
low expectations on my side seeing the latest dull works by testino featuring our girl, but hope never dies…