ok, i’m addicted to this picture… an epythome of darialogism! finally i can see it in hq! the scans of this whole amazing editorial are available here.

uptown androgyny

definitely so unique

definitely so unique

a new editorial coming from japan… i don’t want even tell you who shot it… let’s see if you guess the right name with no need to tell you… but this time it’s definitely not inez & dejà-voodh… so what’s happening this year?! why suddenly does every editorial look so right? why is every editorial a gender daring variation? finally! what happened?! first we got testino’s transgender editorial where i think for the first time i had to search return of repressed on the feminine side… then we had that chanel character destructuring dark-mooded editorial in paris vogue. and now this new set of pictures where daria is playing the most androgyne uptown girl ever. and what’s extraordinary in my opinion is that she even better plays with genders when she’s styled as a femme. that’s so unique, that’s her peculiarity. what i have noticed is that recently sweetness seems to have gone away. her posing is s0 torn between fierceness and melancholy, while sweetness looks lower.
while we’re waiting for the scans, enjoy images here. i’m only a bit perplexe about her looking skinner than usual. i don’t want to start any speculation, but her arm doesn’t look so good in the last pic. in other pics her arms look normal, so i really hope that it’s only bad stupid photoshop.

lancome pictures


i know, i know, i still have to comment properly about the vogue paris editorial. i’ll do it as soon as i have some free time, which hasn’t happened yet in the latest week. btw, i bought the issue. i’ll be able to scan when i recover the mag. i left it somewhere else when i had to travel last monday.
instead thing of the day is that in a site from vietnam i found a bunch of new lancome (?) pics that look new to me.


i mean, nothing stellar, but that’s a nice set and new things are always welcome. the site says that source is lancome, so it looks like they haven’t completely forgotten about daria! i wouldn’t say her interpretation of the lancome femme is so good in any pic. for instance in the #5, despite long dress and pose, there’s a masculine vibe that i can’t see so ‘lancomien’. at least it’s good to see the natural shape of her legs. #6 and #7 are nice and more darish, but we’ve seen similar poses many times. i like #8, i like the combination of shoulders, skin and dress.


iron chanel

the 6th member of village people!

village people 6th member

the whole editorial, scanned by diorette, is available here.
comments later.

march marching


so daria is featured in an editorial by… guess! …by inez & vinoodh in the latest march issue of vogue paris. i can’t say i’m so thrilled… but i think we really need hq pictures for a more articulated comment. at first sight i can see some resemblance with polarisée by kadel (numéro 88) and the sept 07 editorial by i&v for us vogue. anyways, nice to see her purgatory absence from vogue paris is over!

meanwhile there’s a lot of exctiment around about a mysterious new editorial for vogue italy that meisel was shooting with a ‘resurrected icon-cosmetics queen’ that he hadn’t worked with for a long time… of course daria’s is among the various names fashionistas have done. fingers crossed and let’s see. i prefer keeping low expectations cos there are several girls who fit the description. source is the imagist.
daria was also one of the 1000 women chosen for a lancome sponsered event in toronto that took place last summer. just read tisnley’s exhaustive post about it. after seeing her pic among the others i think the right title would have been ‘999 women and 1 nose’!! she’s lovely in that pic though. 🙂

3 years of darialogism

today this blog turns 3!!!

 3 adventurous years… with peaks of craziness and moments of calm… too bad i had to leave blogger, losing visibility… but at least here i feel free! we’re reaching a cultish alternative indie dimension…

a few news on daria side, but i’m too sleepy to post right now… just pay attention to forthcoming issue of vogue paris….

unexpected picture

emotional beauty, as always
emotional beauty, as always

i’ve bought the march issue of uk vogue and found this unexpected beautiful pic. very natural, very darish. i like it. i’m trying to understand which shooting it’s taken from. it may be from kettela’s 2008 shooting again, but i’ll think about it a bit longer. anyways, iron maiden is really a storm on print. one can appreciate more details. i don’t feel like i wasted 9 euros!

the day after: as pointed out by a nice commenter, “This picture is from the Vogue UK February 2008 editorial called “Spring Forward”. It’s the picture for Dolce & Gabbana”. me dumb!!!