such a surprise!

joy in my eyes and my hearth

joy in my eyes and my heart

aaaww, such a surprise that makes this cold winter evening a bit warmer… that’s mydaria, our daria. and they didn’t even photoshop her nose, which is great. miauuu!!! let me have dinner and then (maybe) i’ll be back drooling all my joy! i wonder who the photographer is. it doesn’t look like inez & déjà-voodh.

(meanwhile: 4th cavalli)

new campaign

daria joplin

daria joplin

daria’s are vogue eyewear eyes this season! the complete series of images was posted by lovely sweet rus at tfs. it’s nice to see daria back in a campaign, even more relief! 😉 i’d define this as an average campaign: nothing special, nothing bad. i prefer the gipsy and the hawaii looks, but honestly i’m not that fond of the vogue eyewear glasses…


endless romance

a new proof that god is a woman

a new proof of the existence of divine

maybe you many girls and few guys were better than me and noticed this ad already. me, i didn’t. i found it the other at the day at the site shown by the writing. i think that this picture is a proof of the existence of divine. or at least, of the existence of supernatural – like photoshopping nose, twisting body to hide edgy hips… :p kidding, this picture is a perfect demonstration why daria seems to live up pages and screens when she stares at us from magazines… not only the sublime beauty of her body, but that deep intense fierce enigmatic gaze. daria’s eyes, we could write an endless romance into them.

more relief

a couple of more pics from the forum shooting. looks like it’s going to be a great campaign.

daria shooting in nyc for forum

daria shooting in nyc for forum

source: l’officiel brasil.


okay, i know, i still have to finish writing my pirelli review (btw, i just noticed an unxpected oscillation between beard and beards!!). i’ll do it when i’m back home. meanwhile let’s enjoy the backstage pics of the forthcoming froum tufi duek campaign by david sims that were posted at tfs by francyitaly (click there).
forum tufi duek backstage

forum tufi duek backstage

at first sight hair and make-up remind me of the cavalli ss07 show (i’ll add a link later). i really appreciate the mix of feminine style and slight masculine attitude. i hope that remains in the final results too. to be honest, despite loving some – really not more than some – of the pirelli shots, this is the kind of work i prefer: fashion high photography (more than high fashion photography…). there’s a refined and sober elegance in daria’s posing here that i really feel a darialogistic relief. in particular, i can’t wait to see the final result of the first picture on the left. i don’t know how the whole outfit is and you know i’m not a fashion expert, but i heart a 40’s (???) aura that fascinates me.