in the meantime


while i’m waiting for a proper internet connection in my summer residence, which will lead to some changes in this blog, enjoy this kettela’s unknown picture. news: longchamp campaign was posted at tfsand she gave a decent tinteview to the telegraph (uk). everything available at tfs… and at the daria blolgs by tinsley and mm6789.

5 Responses

  1. hello eword i have hot had a chance to post but i spotted Daria several times a few weeks ago, i guess she was shooting some stuff here or spending some kind of holidays. she was lloking pretty good and calmed, nothing like the zombie or boring person as described by others.

  2. thanks aud for your comment. you understand i deleted name of the place to kind of protect her privacy. 🙂
    and i’m sure that zombilla is an old phase of hers!

  3. i HAVE a scanof an imagen from VOGUE magazine of “Super models” of daria

  4. yes i guess that zombilla phase is over…

  5. ^ so you can guess why i don’t comment her interviews!! 😉

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