collateral activities

while i’m doing a few changes in this blog – expect an introductory post to a new darialogistic phase – i posted a vid i downloaded from it’s taken from the h&m event in ny last end of april and you can see daria at the beginning and the speaking a bit in the middle.

and kuklina at fashist says there’s not only daria in the forthcoming issue of vogue paris.  a lot of her, but there are other girls too…

usual precooked words

blah blah amazing...

blah blah amazing...

a few images and a few words here.

h&m vid: meta-fun & meta-irony

too bad it’s not daria’s voice!

THE DAY AFTER. i still don’t understand where this vid came from and if it’s the official summer 09 commercial. anyways, “horrible” is the word i have heard the most, but personally i find it so silly that eventually i had fun watching it. maybe mine is a meta-fun, where i just focus on daria in bed saying ‘boring‘ to that guy and then ‘time for a change’ or something like that. then i have fun watching at the difference between her sportish running style and the final scene where she’s all feminine and languishing caressing that really perfect example of 007-like masculinity called matthiew williamson. btw, i wonder if they put a 1 meter cube under his feet to make him look taller than the models!!

a metter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

a matter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

so for all these reasons i must have so much fun watching this video! i find it so ironic, but maybe not for the reasons it was made!!

psychedelic daria


2 new vids about matthew williamson are available at h&m. there are a few psichedelic images of the campaign backstage and you can hear about 7 seconds of a double daria speaking. as usual h&m vids are better than pictures.

new (?) h&m


mah… blah… i’m rather perplexe… it looks like a vogue paris editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… i have seen this kind of poses and this setting so many times… i was really expecting something different. to use a word often abused by fashionistas, that’s really boring and uninspired. it looks like it’s going to be one of her worst compaigns ever.
(pic posted by miss at bellazon)

the mexicans

what a couple!

1-2-3... smile!!!

backstage pictures are available at grazia.

(and rumour has that daria will be one of the supers – or supposed supers, like in her case – to be featured in the forthcoming v45 – some even say there’ll be 21 tops… which i find ridicolus: the more you increase the number, the more you decrease the value of the super),

first h&m

picture available at tinsley’s blog. link on the right. i have the flu and i’m to weak even to post links.
the day after: click here. comparing this image with the snap taken by deborah, i wonder if this is a reversed image. ?!

h&m ads in the way

from tfs thread about vogue paris april 2009 issue: “about new ads- i can only rememeber H&M by Matthew Williamson feaut. Daria (dunno if its new or not) by Solve Sundsbo– 2 pics with daria in same outfit, but diffrent poses, very similar to her last ed in Nippon vogue april- `uptown girl`-white background, slightly moving poses…” (sex alien friend).

endless romance

a new proof that god is a woman

a new proof of the existence of divine

maybe you many girls and few guys were better than me and noticed this ad already. me, i didn’t. i found it the other at the day at the site shown by the writing. i think that this picture is a proof of the existence of divine. or at least, of the existence of supernatural – like photoshopping nose, twisting body to hide edgy hips… :p kidding, this picture is a perfect demonstration why daria seems to live up pages and screens when she stares at us from magazines… not only the sublime beauty of her body, but that deep intense fierce enigmatic gaze. daria’s eyes, we could write an endless romance into them.