unknown kettela

a new neighbour has come! :D

a new neighbour has come! ūüėÄ

2 unknown pics from the set that derek kettela shot last year at daria’s house for worldwide glamour and other mags. still via calikartel. i’m going to ask the owner where s/he found them, cos i can’t.

the definition of eldariado! :pppp

the eldariado! :pppp

yet, if you ask me which pic i find more beautiful and even erotic, i would say the first one. in the second she has an intense expression, but it doesn’t make me create a narrative as much as the first one, it’s less inspirational. the first one really fits my conception of eros. you can see i’ll never like victoria’s secret!

bellazon parade

dear werbowymaniacs, i suggest you having a look at one of the latest bellazon pages cos there’re a few interesting pics and most of all the link to download a very good version of one of daria’s modeling peaks: thunder perfect mind. thanks to ad08!

sweet old daria

sweet old daria

the mexicans

what a couple!

1-2-3... smile!!!

backstage pictures are available at grazia.

(and rumour has that daria will be one of the supers – or supposed supers, like in her case – to be featured in the forthcoming v45 – some even say there’ll be 21 tops… which i find ridicolus: the more you increase the number, the more you decrease the value of the super),

first h&m

picture available at tinsley’s blog. link on the right. i have the flu and i’m to weak even to post links.
the day after: click here. comparing this image with the snap taken by deborah, i wonder if this is a reversed image. ?!

last but not least

daria by camilla akrans

daria by camilla akrans for the last magazine (#1 - 2008)

goodnight pals!

unfortunately there’s no better image of the other pic of the editorial.

h&m ads in the way

from tfs thread about vogue paris april 2009 issue: “about new ads- i can only rememeber H&M by Matthew Williamson feaut. Daria (dunno if its new or not) by Solve Sundsbo– 2 pics with daria in same outfit, but diffrent poses, very similar to her last ed in Nippon vogue april- `uptown girl`-white background, slightly moving poses…” (sex alien friend).

homofetish for homominds

do you remember that rather ugly numero nippon august 2007 cover where daria’s expression was so wrong? well, as it often happens, it looks like they picked the worst picture¬†comparing the cover with the¬†outtakes taken from dusan reljin’s portfolio at managementsartists.com:

inspiring homofetish in homominds


i’d say these pics look much more darish and less photoshopped than the cover. there’s that bitter erotism that’s so typical of our girl. not all of them are at the same level –¬†i mean: i’m not a fan of the finger in the underwear pose –¬†but in some of them there’s something very basical and essential, basically and essentially erotic. daria doing nudity at her best. with a touch of fetish. homofetish. homofetish for homominds obviously.
(find via calikartel)

spring indolence

it’s been a while… but i’ve been rather busy as usual and stuff… and right now i’m not at home, so i can’t even post more hq pictures! in my laptop i found some old pics i had prepared for the old darialogist though, like this 2006 darish triplet…


meanwhile you can enjoy a couple of link like this uk vogue article celebrating a definitely very important moment in history or this harper’s bazaar article on peter lindbergh and supermodels where daria is briefly mentioned.


daria for the telegraph - spring 05

daria for the telegraph - spring 05

so my dear readers, i have started to upload the new HQ pictures that hgfl sent to me. some are amazing, like this one… so natural. so emotional. you can find the links in the editorial section. just look at the editorials with a HQ mark. more will come in the next days.
talking about her latest us vogue editorial, certainly colors and poses are ok, she’s magnetic, but i’m continuing not to be crazy about it. better scans here.

a deep end


daria has an editorial shot by mert & marcus in the april issue of vogue america (the shape issue). title is “the deep end”. incredible! it’s not testino… it’s not inez & vinoodh… .
pictures are available at rock the trend.
i still don’t have a proper opinion about this ed. i can’t say i’m crazy about it, but at least it’s something different. i’d say that there’s a cold 80s vibe…¬†and well, she’s very athletic and statuesque|¬†it somehow reminds me of 2007 ed for vogue paris shot (i suppose) by thompson. i’ll check about it tomorrow when i’m back home. and you know usually i’m not a us vogue-daria fan…

high quality

sparkle by steven meisel (vogue italia - october 2003)

sparkle by steven meisel (vogue italia - october 2003)

news of the day is that a i have a new unexpected¬†row of very¬†hq old¬†pictures in store and i’m going to update them in the next (busy as usual) days… so be patient!¬†it’s such a great thing cos there aren’t many hq pics from 2003-2004 ediorials around. all of us should say a big THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU to the glorious sublime wonderful generous MISS HFGL¬†who so kindly sent me the images. it’s so good to have this lovely circle of e-friends who like to share stuff about our girl and make this site work efficiently (if only i wasn’t that busy and slow…).

other good thing is that i also received the second part of the pirelli gift that¬†another lovely e-friend bought for me. i finally got the pirelli dvd with all the pics in high resolution. since pirelli is very strict about copyright, i’ll limit myself to post a few darish details that one can appreciate with hq only.

the yawning cover

daria on the cover of vogue portugal

daria on the cover of vogue portugal

she might also be clearing her throat… anyways, a reprint from vogue nippon.


la grande daria

la grande daria

the link to this pic was kindly sent me by an anon commenter in the post below. it’s a pic taken during pierre maraval’s shooting of 1000 femmes in toronto. i can’t write more now. here comes the link to maraval’s site. you can find a few vids about the exhibition, which took place last summer. maraval is very elogiative about humble daria, just one of the 1000 faces, but certainly hers looks like an obvious presence since the event was sponsored by lancome!!
and yes, “solace” was the word she chose for her portrait. charming choice.

old but good


found this pcs at celebrity.scans.com.
it comes from a march 2006 lancome event in toronto.

body of evidence

leather is the night

leather is the night

just one word: so darish…
again everything is so right, so right this year… well, everything but a few cavalli pics… but it’s like in this early 2009 i have seen sometihng consistent in editorials, covers and advertisments, despite variatons¬†of styling and gender playing. maybe it’s just that her body languge has become so mature and aware. maybe.
the first picture above reminds me of another shot… let me think about it. i find it amazing though. so energic, so volitive, so strong, yet so classy and delicate. magical touch.
the complete series of shots is available here. i’m not that fond of the 3rd couple of pics, but i’m loving this shooting!