all good things come to an end

as some of you may have understood seeing the lack of updating recently, it is time to write the words ‘the end’ to the great experience of the darialogist. i don’t feel motivated anymore, both because i have nothing more to write on daria’s modeling and because i think i have achieved all my goals as a darialogist, so it is time to move over and focus on other projects.
i don’t know if my idea of a blog on a model’s poetics has been so successful, but what i have tried to build in these 40 months of blogging has been a cultural reading of daria’s work. of course the relationship between characters and reality is always very charming, but when i think of daria as ‘the face of today’, in lagerfeld’s words, i don’t refer to her as a person, with her private life and destiny, but to the narrative plot unfolding through her pics: a narrative plot that to me has always been very intense and dramatic, made of a conflictual body language and of a inspirational gender game. a narrative plot that is a sort of symbolic form of our times, with reference to the warburg school, also in the dynamics between aesthetics and economics. the model of my analysis has always been roland barthes’ reading of greta garbo’s face in ‘mythologies’.
i would like to dedicate a real essay to a cultural study of daria’s works, who knows, maybe in the future i will have fun doing it.
in the meantime i will say thank you to all the readers and commenters, included haters and monitorers: thanks for spending some time reading my posts, for sending images, links, even private spots!! those who want to stay in touch can add me as friend at facebook. i will continue to post at tfs though.
to continue to follow daria you can read tfs, the daria files and the daria werbowy gallery.

p.s.: i will set the hq archive soon.