the chanel mystery

unidentified advertisement

unidentified advertisement

before adding new parts to the pirelli romance, let’s enjoy this graceful unknown chanel advertisment that img uploaded in the renewed daria page. i saw it 2 days ago, but my intention was to solve the mystery before posting about it. now i see it was posted at tfs, so maybe a public appeal is better: does anyone know where and when it comes from?

this picture is very beautiful imo. there’s something classical and elegant that i honestly prefer to any pirelli pastiche. actually that’s the other side of daria’s work that i like: a genuine fashion modeling with no focus on sexiness. and please note the early 20th century reference, like a renewed modernism that recovers the origins of chanel myth.

and who’s behind such a perfect meeting of chanel and miss daria werbowy? karl lagerfeld?

[btw, how should we interpretate the new daria image chosen for the img entry page? why among all the beautiful recent shots did he agency just choose the one where she’s lying naked with segura? is segura an img model too? or did they want to make the gender daring – dark – ambiguous charme of our daria heterosexually reassuring? too bad that the image is cut on daria’s close up, so she’s so fierce and dominant there that she almost scares visitors. again, a clumsy strategy for the sake of money? in any case, again, body wins]