er… absent walking!

you put down daria and fontana will show up! i’ve just made some searches about the supposed daria in the forum tufi duek show, but the only reference to her is: “Periguete não, que é muito pobrinho: perua sensual é mais adeqüado. Nadinha de Patti, portanto. E Daria, a top-top, na campanha? Cara de “vai vender feito água de coco no calor de 40 graus” (, which i can’t full understand! any translation is welcome! i don’t know, maybe i’m just blind, correct me if i’m wrong, but i’d say there was no sign of our girl at the show!! hahaha! now i can go to bed peacefully!

waiting for tonight

eyes of today

eyes of today

i find this 2007 pic posted by vogueelle addicted at tfs simply wonderful. it’s apparently taken from some lancome shooting in nyc, but she isn’t wearing the usual overmake-up, so it’s difficult to understand what that thing was. certainly you see more the woman here than the model and certainly those eyes have something melancholic and intelligent that after all these years still make me kind of melt… miau!
ok, back to present time. dubai editorial. look at 2 posts below. berlinrocks at tfs says “1st image = cover; 3rd image = single page (but it’s not really this one … but from the same serie ie she’s wearing the same outfits); 5th image = double page portrait; 6th image = opening single page of the editorial/article”.
and today at 7pm daria should walk for forum tufi duek according to the previously quoted brazilian sources. let’s see.

daria for forum tufi duek

according to papo fashion daria will be walking for forum tufi duek on the 19th of january at 7 pm (brazilian time).
meanwhile, let’s enjoy a few pics shot by jenny gage and tom betterton for an october 2007 issue of elle france (daria was on the cover too) posted by larien at tfs, like the following one…


more relief

a couple of more pics from the forum shooting. looks like it’s going to be a great campaign.

daria shooting in nyc for forum

daria shooting in nyc for forum

source: l’officiel brasil.


okay, i know, i still have to finish writing my pirelli review (btw, i just noticed an unxpected oscillation between beard and beards!!). i’ll do it when i’m back home. meanwhile let’s enjoy the backstage pics of the forthcoming froum tufi duek campaign by david sims that were posted at tfs by francyitaly (click there).
forum tufi duek backstage

forum tufi duek backstage

at first sight hair and make-up remind me of the cavalli ss07 show (i’ll add a link later). i really appreciate the mix of feminine style and slight masculine attitude. i hope that remains in the final results too. to be honest, despite loving some – really not more than some – of the pirelli shots, this is the kind of work i prefer: fashion high photography (more than high fashion photography…). there’s a refined and sober elegance in daria’s posing here that i really feel a darialogistic relief. in particular, i can’t wait to see the final result of the first picture on the left. i don’t know how the whole outfit is and you know i’m not a fashion expert, but i heart a 40’s (???) aura that fascinates me.