the independent state of daria


well, what can i say? this 2009 has been very rich from the viewpoint of press works and this very beautiful – very darish cover confirms it. i can see a moss aura on it, it reminds me a bit of the ‘independent state of kate’ or what that cover was named… and yeah, this is the independent state of daria 2009: beauty as a free sensual elusive world of physical happiness.
this pic was posted at tfs by clotheshorse along with others taken from the september issue of flare. see them here. photographer is max abadian. we can’t say clothes are so great, neither are the other two covers, but in general daria’s posing is a further demontration of her maturity and charisma.

officiel daria

deborah kindly sent me two mobile pics of a little interview daria has in the current issue of the french mag l’officiel.

she also offered a short translation:
Daria Werbowy She’d like to live at the Middle Ages, sails on the Ontario lake, draws at the India(n) ink… You thought you knew her. Meeting with the muse of the new lancome perfume, Hypnose senses. Your fashion icon? “Linda Evangelista.” Your style? “I have a ‘shifted’ style, mixing new and old”. What kind of buyer are you? “I always buy the same things – jeans and black leather jackets that i collect.” The detail which comes back in the clothes that you like… “The feathers” Your ideal cocktail dress? “A (small and)short black dress.” Your oldest piece? ” Motorcyclist boots that i have since i’m 12.” Your favourites designers? ” Balmain, Isabel marant” Never a summer without… “Beer” Never a winter without… “Snowboard in the Vermont and at Val d’Isère.” Your first olfactory memory? “The smell of the stoves at my grandmother.” In your bag, there’s always “A camera.” Your last purchase? “A shower in my flat that i renovate at New York, in the Lower East Side”. Your sport activities? “Sail, snowboard, basket and rugby.” Your paradise on earth? “In the middle of the ocean.” Your favourite artistic movement? “The dada” Your decoration style? “Like me: old and a little bit of contemporary, with a bit of rustic. I like the places with history.” Your favourite town? “Paris” Your main flaw? “I’m always late, and i always miss my planes.” Your grandmother secret? “To wash the face with lemon juice and rinse it with hot water.” In your sponge bag, there’s always… “The eyecream Lancome Secret de vie.” Your hairdresser? “Harry Josh, at NY – canadian like me.” Your nails? “Naturals or blacks.”

no vogue paris special


er, sorry… where has the full daria issue ended up?! instead we have just a thick normal issue with a lot of editorials and models… i wonder if wwd just made up things or plans have changed meanwhile… so let’s content ourselves with this nice pic taken by thefrenchy from the main editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… typical marant gender playing style i’m never fed up with… plus the cover of course, which i like: simple, sober, a kind of work i’d like to see more in the overexcited fashion photography… more british than parisien in my opinion… hopefully we’ll get a bit more of our girl…. (p.s.: i wonder if eniko has become i&v’s new nude muse this year, since daria seems to avoid nudity).

deborah’s preview shots under request :p here.

collateral activities

while i’m doing a few changes in this blog – expect an introductory post to a new darialogistic phase – i posted a vid i downloaded from it’s taken from the h&m event in ny last end of april and you can see daria at the beginning and the speaking a bit in the middle.

and kuklina at fashist says there’s not only daria in the forthcoming issue of vogue paris.  a lot of her, but there are other girls too…

daria claire

daria marie claire aug 09464here comes the scan of the marie claire beauty interview. i’m not commenting these new interviews, but just let me say that i find it funny that after mentioning again for the … time the lemon tip thing, this time she added that you have to moisturize your skin soon after! maybe she – or some for her – read all the comment ppl have made about lemon making skin dry. anyways, it’s also funny that the lemon tip is a heritage of mine too from my mother’s family… but i mostly use lemons skins to make my elbows softer. that’s a tip i really recommend to everybody. i don’t know if daria knows about it too…
i didn’t understand a thing though. in this interview she says she adores sleeping, she could do it for a whole day. in the other interview she says she’s insomniac… ??? maybe she sleeps during the day cos  she can’t sleep during the night.  or maybe i just don’t understand french very well.

c’est elle… peut-etre!

108this is the elle august interview in a bigger size, kindly provided by deborah who found it at the site written on the image. a bunch of funny stories indeed! today i bought marie-claire (buuu!! like th worst fan!) but i can’t scan that interview because i don’t have my scanner here. maybe tomorrow.

daria is around



while we are still waiting for vogue paris summer profusion links from switzerland (thanks to gina), from france and from england through dwg (daria werbowy gallery).
mm6789 also found a missing pic from the us vogue editorial… we want a proper scan now, cos the pic looks quite good!

senses of a hypnose

despite blah blah blancome, i definitely prefer this commercial to the original hypnose (not to mention the second one, really too plastic). so i can go to bed in a reconciliated mood! you know, i’m a humble lesbian with simple desires… just leave the sensual message adressee undefined and you’ll make me happy!! 🙂

and we also have the 4th video of the silent making of the making of…

dariae dariarum

buffalo girl

buffalo girl loves heineken

while you girls are drooling at this divine pic found by tinsley who also explains which blog she took it from at her daria files, news of the moment is that daria will be the only model in the august issue of vogue france shot by inez & vinoodh only… so, after lara stone in february, it’s time to save money for carine and emmanuelle booking our girl for an entire issue. at least i hope we get a good range of variations of darialogism!! i also wonder if we’ll get some nudity for the first time in this 2009 that has been very demure and sober… is someone jealous??!! 😉

and enjoy hypnose senses part 3.

a country girl in broadway: city of cheesy plots


it’s with a deep emotion that i’m here announcing thawintour-testino latest production in american vogue featuring daria werbowy – and caroline trentini – has a narrative plot. yes, this time we don’t have just a bunch of pictures or mere hints at a concept. we have a proper story: a girl arriving from the country in ny with a goal in her life: to become a star. it’s a story of sacrifice, friendship, courage… a very original and complex story indeed!
see the route from poor roots to success here.

longchamp vs. longcamp

longchamp 1

finally a sign of life on the fw09 ads side! i was wondering if our girl had been a bit too lazy recently!! :p
me, i didn’t even know a brand called ‘longchamp’ existed, but better than nothing! and in general i like her working along with kate moss cos there’s always a genuine erotic vibe between them (do you remember yurman 08 vid?!?! a cult!!). the pic is rather small so it’s difficult to distinguish details, it looks like a typical m&m pic, i don’t know if the sailors row thing is visionary or just pure fashion demential, i’ll have to think about it when i see hq images, certainly daria looks a bit weird with no eyebrows, but that may be a part of fiction, so i don’t mind about it, it’s only a matter of good or bad fiction. certainly i like the pose, there’s an androgyne vibe that i certainly prefer – just to make an example – to any lancome hyperfeminine fiction. so let’s wait for better pics. i must confess i would like to get a pic where it’s our girl to be dressed like a sailor and hold waif moss in her arms… 😉 talking about camp vibes…

ghost vid

i must have posted this entry while i was sleeping last night…
anyways, a vid featuring daria shooting indian summer is available at too bad i can’t manage to watch it! so pls download it and re-upload it at youtube!!! i feel frustrated that i can’t still watch it, cos i suppose it’s more interesting than the lancome shooting.
vid was found a by mm6789, the owner of a new blog on daria! new blog address is: daria gallery.
another video featuring daria is the one about the stoke on spring event. she isn’t speaking, you can only see her following a guy’s speech for about 1 minute from 2’15”. very natural daria. link was provided by a nice collaborative anon who always suggests nice links.


and i know that i’m slower than ever in updating news and editorials and stuff, but this month i have deadlines until the 23rd, so please just content yourselves with a few posts! and i think you have read everywehere she’s 8th in the forbes chart of richest models in the world (fortunately she seems to have a very low position in the poshest ones), that she’s the face of lancome senses, new evolution of hypnose, and that we know nothing about fw 09 campaigns yet.
and please find a way to make me see the uk vogue vid!! uuuufff!!!
update! i finally watched the vid. nice, after all. she looked rather relaxed. and she must be an elephants expert now!

senses & sensibility

so you girls and few guys want me to work even when i’m in vacation! fortunately it hasn’t been such a exhausting work since links were provided by kind commenter phairness. in this vid you have 1 minute and 19 seconds of allusive semitopless posing for the new lancome campaign (a fragance called hypnose senses?). it’s always interesting to compare fictional daria to the real one, cos you can fully appreciate her transformism. that being said, it’s always the same conflict: admiration for beauty and talent, sadness for the use of women’s body in cosmetics and fashion industries. the easy rhetorics of gorgeous nudity is sold and sells, we live in a material world and we are material rich exploited girls!
more pics here. i must also say that, apart from anticapitalistic (!!) considerations, i still find it opinable that ppl define daria as body perfection. we all agree that she’s gorgeous, but just watching these images and this vid one fully realises how unperfectly beautiful she is! she’s everything but flawless!

artist & art


daria and her bird at the stoke auction on the 16th of may.
thanks to the commenter who indicated me the pic.

pretty in pink

57493176crayolapink123520200933440pmshe was in spain the oher day to get some essential prize like the most beautiful face of the year. more later. meanwhile you can enjoy a few pics here.
event was called something like glamour beleza and took place in madrid on the 20th of may. i much prefer this outfit and style to what she was wearing at the met. she (?) got to personalise stella mccartney with the pink blazer and with her very darish balmain boots, to avoid, as i read in a blog, ‘girly overkill’. and if you want to compare her to celebrities wearing the same dress, have a look here. now i feel like a fashion blogger!!