mysterious pic again (maybe)

"what happened to my hair?!"

"i can't find my gloves..."

does anybody know where this pic comes from? it was posted in a blog under the name of eniko and caption says it was taken during a testino’s shooting in time square… maybe an unpublished pic from her latest us vogue editorial? or maybe it’s just my memory to start to get old…

anyways, daria is featured in another french magazine: the issue of the 10th of july of elle. title of the little interview is une nuit avec daria (a night with daria). i’m not even commenting all the recent interviews cos i find some pieces so surreal that it’s definitely better if i keep my mouth well shut. the telegraph one has some interesting pieces, i’d like to know more about her ‘existential wake up’, but… okay,we’d better enjoy this new preview. hopefully some french reader will scan the page (it’s time to buy a scanner for my precious french source!!! 😉 haha). i hope there’s some unexpected transgenderism in the elle picture.

elle 10th of july

9 Responses

  1. please check your fb!

  2. i have never seen this pic either. since it is in time square it makes me think it could be from her latest us vogue editorial, like you mentioned.

  3. Maybe it’s a candid? Cause she has that look in the vogue us ed (july 09). But the pic in the ed is in black & white.

  4. yeah, i think it’s a candid too from backstage. i can’t check the editorial pics cos i’m still setting archive and blog in my laptop (i’m not at home this summer).

    kate, i checked fb but i found nothing! 🙂

  5. it is the same look from vogue us ed july 09 in the bw pic i did not notice those things were gloves. niiiice.

    aren’t the enlightening interviews so refreshing, but what bits did you find surreal, to me she just repeats the same things she has always said… just the philosophy psychology thing kind of caught me unprepared.

    aha, so you promise to have a break this summer to write more on the blog and you end up on some mysterious place aiyooo! : P

  6. Im i put them on a better place. I hope you find them now..

  7. ^ ok!

    ^^ i spend summer in another place than my usual town, i think you knew about it.
    and yeah, it’s always the same stuff with some variations… it’s just me to be different now!

  8. from the july 2009 vogue issue but the vogue one is in black and white

  9. yeah, thanks!

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