senses of a hypnose

despite blah blah blancome, i definitely prefer this commercial to the original hypnose (not to mention the second one, really too plastic). so i can go to bed in a reconciliated mood! you know, i’m a humble lesbian with simple desires… just leave the sensual message adressee undefined and you’ll make me happy!! 🙂

and we also have the 4th video of the silent making of the making of…

blah blah blancome!

“hypnose senses, true mix of feminity, seduction and french charme is embodied by dw, a young woman in the spirit of her time. […] dw perfectly expresses the Hypnose Senses Woman, this kind of witty, free hair, wearing only little make-up and sublime woman who will send the most sensual message to the man she loves“… oh my, let me go vomit and come back! meanwhile i’ll post the pic… (thanks to ada looo at tfs)


aaww, done… :ppp okay, as we say in italian: nothing new under the sun. we all know what the ideology of cosmetic industry is: a woman must be beautiful to be liked by men. as an italian citizen i can add: she must be beautiful to be liked by men who have the power and can give her a career. we have a dubious minister for equal oppurtunities (mara carfagna) with a dubious relationship with our grotesque premier to show it. but that’s not what i want to talk about today, even if certainly my reactions are deeply affected by the peculiar grotesque scandal about our… our?! their premier!

what i’m more interested in is how this ideology… or maybe i should call it rhetorics, since ideology is a too refined concept and needs a reflection that is beyond the reasons and aims of marketing. so, i’m more interested in how this rhetorics of women-aimed-to-men’s beauty affects daria’s modeling. of course i’m not talking about daria as a person, even if i would be certainly curious to know how this steady compromise between being and appearing, between real personality and public role affects her. i can see something kind of *schizofrenic* in it, but maybe that is just the first step to modeling: only if you accept it – or at least tolerate it -, you can go on and make money with your job. or maybe it’s just me, with my old fashioned humanist approach to life – but i must confess i’m everything but an ideologic purist!! anyway, i wonder if after a while, the more you, model with a brain, grow up, the more it is hard to tolerate, the more you look for a balancement between job and yourself, money and intimacy.

again, that’s not what i want to talk about! what interests me is the relationship between a sentence like “a woman […] who will send the most sensual message to the man she loves” and airbrushing. of course airbrushing is not for daria only, it’s everywhere, but i think that sentence is the best reply to the discussion at the previous post. this picture isn’t the worst, but certainly it makes hers a flawless feminine face. which means – in my opinion – to remove daria’s  peculiarity as a model: her gender daring body language, which makes everything much more evident than for other models. if you want her to represent a message like that, you have to totally delete signs of ambiguity and imperfection. so you’ll have a delicate yet incisive conception of woman whose effort to be beautiful is exclusively aimed at men’s pleasure. sometimes i think that the difference between cosmetics advertisments and the victoria’s secret parade of bottoms and boobs is a degree of honesty, like in the end v’s is just the degree zero, with no hypocrisy, of the mainstream conception of woman nowadays – or since the beginning of humankind?!?!

anyways, after this maximum question, enjoy the hypnoses sense videos at the lancome site (link posted by ada looo), that are a pleasure for everybody’s eyes! the making of is now available at youtube too: