art of modeling indeed

well, at least there’s one country – brazil – that still shows some interests in our beloved boy, i meant girl! :-p i’m confused today, must be the virus. first we got some apparent update about daria showing up at the forthcoming san paolo fashion week. in an entry at ego globo we read that daria is “confirmada para desfilar no São Paulo Fashion Week este mês”, which could mean “confirmed to be walking in San Paulo Fashion Week this month”. could brazilians confirm my translation is right? but honestly i don’t know how much we can trust an article then still reporting about that supposed affair between daria and a local masculine piece of living flesh – sorry, i can’t find better words to describe that human being – last year (do you remember? buuuuuuum… hear the voidbomb exploding).
second is an interview given by isabeli fontana to ‘vip’ mag and reported by the same site. she says she said no 3 times to beard: she refused to swim among elephants’ excrements, to pose under the leg of an elephant and to plunge into a pond full of cocodriles and sanguessugas. instead, we can add, who didn’t say no? our daria, who’s the one who posed under the leg of the elephant and plunged into the pond.
well, i don’t know if there were really cocodriles around, but certainly there must have been some sanguessugas if, according to fontana, ‘daria was bleeding when she came out of the water’. such a heroic model! i also don’t know if fontana could say no and daria couldn’t because of different power, but i know one thing for sure: that, may be fontana’s words exaggerated or not, you even better understand why daria’s pics – and i mean: daria alone, see posts below – are the best of the whole calendar. cos she looks like the only one who was in communication with the environnement. her blood was allegoric too, as you can see in the dead bird picture.