pirelli 3: daria’s subcalendar

while chanel mystery was resolved at tfs – that looks like a ss04 haute couture picture – and there’s some excitement around about february issue of vogue paris fully devoted to a girl adored by roitfeld, it’s time to analyse pirelli daria werbowy. 
pirelli february extra 3 (published anywere)

pirelli february extra 3 (published anywere)

i think later this month in the final balance of 2008 the main issue will be definitely nudity. it’s undoubtful that this year daria has done more nudity than in the past, being her initial peak in love and her final peak the cal. i’m totally okay with that, but certainly next year will tell us if there’s been some strategy in it or it’s been a mere call by economically appealing contracts. okay, i don’t want to talk about nudity now, otherwise this becomes a different post from the one i intend to write: a review to daria pictures in the pirelli 2009 calendar.

today i went through the whole calendar again. again i find some pics good and very good while some (especially in the second part of the calendar) look really so so, not to say poor. for instance the pics that show de paula in that sort of night rite with native look pointlessly violent to me. and what about her and lara stone lying oiled up in the same bath-tub? at the same time, again, what ultimaltely i may like of this calendar is this trip atmosphere. like it tells the story of a western dark mental trip to africa. i may like that, even if i can’t help asking myself – and i really don’t know how pertinent this question is -, i can’t help asking myself what this trip would have looked like if it was photographed by bruce weber instead of peter beard. i like some of the collages, they have this pop art aura. too bad some (most) of the models are so unexpressive and some are even too expressive in some shots. and ultimately there’s a sense of death i may appreciate too. like, yes, explicit message is: beauty will save the world (or how to make a quotation trivial btw), but inner content is: beauty and  the world will die together.


a western mental trip to africa

 daria. who can better fit a so dark content than daria? as i said in my previous posts she looks so effortless nude, never showing off her beauty, and that makes her particularly suitable for a calendar that, may it be successful or not, aims to link beauty and nature. too bad i can’t post the picture. i really recommend to visit the pirelli site, so you can enjoy the perfection of her modeling in some of the shots. unfortunately n0t all of them are at the same level. imo, may extra 2 (detail 5/2 in the pic above) and may extra 3 (5/3) are more than dubious, let’s say cheesy. more than the orgasmatic poses i find styling very trashy. it’s in those pics that the ‘shana queen of the jungle’ explodes. despite backstage video images of 5/2 being simply breaktaking as you can see in the oxymoric eros page. not because she’s topless – i’m not that elementary and average -, but because imo that’s pure dramatic nudity, pure oxymoric eros that makes a perfect conjuncton of intellectual and sexual. no matter if she was aware of it or not: her body tells a story. and it’s a story of conflicts and subtle tensions. when you see her breast oscillating in her posing movements, there’s no heterosexist allure. there’s something deeply emotional, even hurting in her repeated cyclic movement. she looks concentrated and distant at the same time. too bad pic couldn’t catch that basic physicity.

i also love june and july pictures (6/1, 7/1, 7/2). they’re so different from typical calendars pictures. we are at the highest level of the cal. that’s because we are totally in daria’s calendar here. no fontana’s calendar or de paula’s calendar. no heterosexism. here it’s daria and her accomplices. and everything is reduced to pure elements. i prefer her marching with the elephant to her hugging the same elephant. there’s something more subtle and respectful. elephants’ symbolism is more convincing, their sense of lasting and surviving. and there’s something humble in daria’s beautiful body close to them. posing with the dead beard must have been though. it must have smelled. that was really a performance. too bad she wears that white glove. i wonder why they kept it. certainly the efficacy of the pic gets low. maybe the simply wanted to show artifice. that’s a bit contradictory: in some pics natives are removed and (ridicolous) hair extensions are added to increase fiction of wildness, then in other you see artfices of shooting.  the tension of her body is interesting though. i may guess symbolic reasons, but boscono and bela wearing high heels don’t satisfy me at all. i prefer almost naked daria with bare dirty feet. and boscono looks so overacting. and malgosia wears that unrelevant jungle lingerie… there’s a so big gap between them and daria, maybe it part of the symbolic message.

to be finished later