h&m vid: meta-fun & meta-irony

too bad it’s not daria’s voice!

THE DAY AFTER. i still don’t understand where this vid came from and if it’s the official summer 09 commercial. anyways, “horrible” is the word i have heard the most, but personally i find it so silly that eventually i had fun watching it. maybe mine is a meta-fun, where i just focus on daria in bed saying ‘boring‘ to that guy and then ‘time for a change’ or something like that. then i have fun watching at the difference between her sportish running style and the final scene where she’s all feminine and languishing caressing that really perfect example of 007-like masculinity called matthiew williamson. btw, i wonder if they put a 1 meter cube under his feet to make him look taller than the models!!

a metter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

a matter of genres: science-fiction vs. realism

so for all these reasons i must have so much fun watching this video! i find it so ironic, but maybe not for the reasons it was made!!


"so please tell me, which face do you want from me?!"

"so please tell me, which kind of expression do you want from me?!"

bah, maybe it’s me clueless about heterosexual charme, but what kind of pic is that meant to be?! i can’t see any sexual appeal in her face in this pic. she looks like she’s waiting for instructions. like ‘ok, i put my hand in my hair as i’ve learnt i have to do when you want me to play heterosexist fiction, and then?! what the fuck do i have to do?!?’. okay, maybe it’s me clueless making her clueless too, but c’mon!! this picture looks very slapdash!!

h&m launch

daria was at a h&m event yesterday. too tired to post. just scroll down the page and visit the following page too.
comments tomorrow. meanwhile just check the new picture of the moment to have a different perspective on the event!

** i just realised that i wrote “lunch” of  “launch”! anyways, there’s little to comment actually. certainly daria would have preferred being somewhere else, but she must work sometimes!! :p

v59 preview

perplexe cowgirl

perplexe cowgirl

bah, we don’t reach the level of horror of v41, but how to say it? testino strikes back… what a perfect combination of tasteless sexism: testino, the man who doesnt have access to feminime erotism, and v, the magazine always trying to look hypertrendy… and daria’s isn’t even the worst pic. in the preview at v magazine i saw worst things. testino is as refined as a hammer when he shoots nude women, but at least daria is so naturally elegant that she saves the pic from vulgarity. maybe because she looks like she’s holding the swimsuit more than pulling it down! and her expression is everything but heterosexist! i don’t know if there are more pics.

(please give credits if you use the pic since it’s a composition of mine!)

vp is for vogue profusion

i know, i'm predictable

i know, i'm predictable

vogue profusion here. more when i have time. and the following is my fave pic of the beauty editorial, there’s a darish touch i like. thanks to diorette.




yeeeees!!! revenge!!!!

so girls, don’t be shy… get your gay attitude out and confess, yes confess the truth! how much you would like to be spun up and down by superdaria!!! cos i’m sure you are all there drooling at the pics!!! :pppp
more comments when proper scans are available!! let me only say that this 2009 has been great from the point of view of editorials! maybe i’m not crazy about the cover… but i will reflect on it!

it must be because it’s less dynamic. the pose has an 80’s vibe that is quite different from the editorial… it’s more colonial than a gender daring version of supervixen… well, certainly it’s better than the previous august 08 cover, still by inez & vinoodh, that was so retouched that you could hardly recognise it was daria! even nose is almost hers!

pics here and here. you can also have a look at the snaps made by deborah of the other editorial here.

vogue paris

i’m in a rush: first images here.

looks like vogue paris cover of the may issue is confirmed, even if source wasn’t quoated.

LATEST UPDATE from tfs (originally posted by BerlinRocks)
the cover feats Daria front shot wearing denim jacket, and khaki ensemble (short + vneck tshirt made brassière), and a besace with fringe on right shoulder. something pretty sexy militarian. she’s wearing a long necklace with a shell pendant and two bracelets made of this dark blue stone (never know its name). she’s holding the collar of the denim jacket with her right hand and left hand on her hips (i guess you can imagine the pose). smoky eyes and hair waxed in the back … sunset in the back. the Vogue font is dark blue, the rest of typo is white and blue.
Game Girl by Inez & Vinoodh and Emannuelle Alt, ft. Daria W. (and boys) 14p. colour / 2 double page
Esprit Libre by Ben Hasset and Julia von Boehm, ft. Daria 5p. colour, portraits (<– will she be our daria?)