dariae dariarum

buffalo girl

buffalo girl loves heineken

while you girls are drooling at this divine pic found by tinsley who also explains which blog she took it from at her daria files, news of the moment is that daria will be the only model in the august issue of vogue france shot by inez & vinoodh only… so, after lara stone in february, it’s time to save money for carine and emmanuelle booking our girl for an entire issue. at least i hope we get a good range of variations of darialogism!! i also wonder if we’ll get some nudity for the first time in this 2009 that has been very demure and sober… is someone jealous??!! 😉

and enjoy hypnose senses part 3.

4 Responses

  1. who should be jealous?
    i don’t know if the vogue france issue is something good or bad… Low expectations right now

  2. she always drink the same beer

  3. ^ she’s faithful! :p

    last ed for vogue paris by i&v was rather good. they also have done good things in the past, let’s see if there’s something a little different.

    and mine was just a joke, anon. like her couple being jealous and not allowing her to do nudity anymore! 😀

  4. i love Daria like how she is in the first picture. unairbrushed and real.

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