i got the cal!

i know my new post should have been a proper review of the cavalli advertisment, but this morning i finally got the parcel i was waiting for since christmas and it was exactly the present i wished it could be: the 2009 pirelliĀ calendar! šŸ™‚
i want to write here a BIG THANK YOU to the international friend who had this very kind nice lovely idea and sent this totally unexpected present to me! now i feel like a vip (lol!!!)Ā andĀ the multidaria in the pond page is on the wall in front of me, just above the italian literature encyclopedia.
postmodern still life

postmodern still life

let me say the cal is rather huge and every comment i made about it is confirmed after i can watch it *live*: daria pics are really the best thing. not all of them, those with fontana in the dust are rather dubious in my opinion, but those in the pond andĀ the one with the dead bird are beautiful. this cal looks confused and its message is a messy pastiche. i think the only way to save it is to try to see a sort of mad visionarism, but as i said before symbolism is very low and poor. maybe beard is simply a photograph who lost his creativity… in my opinion, again, only daria’s allegoric body is strong in this project.
pirelli is very strict about copyright, so for the moment i just scanned a detail of a january extra. it’s difficult to scan it, let’s see if i’ll do better in the next days.

croocked daria in botsawana

croocked daria in botsawana


daria by david kettela (200(Ƭ8)

daria by david kettela (2008)

Ā as you can see this page is still under construction: i am uploading pictures, link and various material.

i hope i can officially open this site later this week.

meanwhile enjoy the latest posts at theĀ OLD DARIALOGIST (ignore the pointless warning content filter).

see you in december

i’m still building the site.
at the moment i’m still blogging at the old darialogist, but i strongly believe that at the beginning of decemeber i’ll definitely shift to posting here.

remember tomorrow it’s daria’s 25th birthday and that the day after tomorrow (20th) the pirelli calendar will be presented in berlin.