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daria marie claire aug 09464here comes the scan of the marie claire beauty interview. i’m not commenting these new interviews, but just let me say that i find it funny that after mentioning again for the …..th time the lemon tip thing, this time she added that you have to moisturize your skin soon after! maybe she – or some for her – read all the comment ppl have made about lemon making skin dry. anyways, it’s also funny that the lemon tip is a heritage of mine too from my mother’s family… but i mostly use lemons skins to make my elbows softer. that’s a tip i really recommend to everybody. i don’t know if daria knows about it too…
i didn’t understand a thing though. in this interview she says she adores sleeping, she could do it for a whole day. in the other interview she says she’s insomniac… ??? maybe she sleeps during the day cos  she can’t sleep during the night.  or maybe i just don’t understand french very well.

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  1. I dont understand french that much but it aint funny…

  2. No you understood very well. In the marie claire interview she says she loves sleeping. And in elle she says she’s insomniac and watch dr.house. Maybe it’s his vision that causes her trouble to sleep haha.

  3. or maybe she adores sleeping cos she can’t do it.. ?!

    well, i think only a few ppl will read both interviews so such a possible contradiction won’t be noticed too much. actually we can also read about a different lasting of her oceanic trip… but maybe it was a different one. but again, i think only few ppl read the ‘annabelle’ interview last year, so they didn’t notice incongruences since then. and btw in some other interview ‘she’ was all proud that she had no tv at home, but it was a while ago, maybe she has bought it meanwhile.
    in any case, if her agency needs a narratologic consulent, expert in how good plots work, i’m available!! i’m sure i can do much better than this!

    and gs, thanks for your comment. you see i’m in the protective path too… 🙂

  4. Well, I think there’s no lies anywhere, no real contradiction. Just try to note everything you say in a year and read it, you will find many contradictions that will not seem contradictions to you because you know every details.

    And there’s many alterations of your thoughts in interviews, if you were inattentive when you were speaking, if you don’t care that the journalist doesn’t understand precisely what you’ve done this summer, if you get bored by explaining your entertainments, the way the journalist understand your words, the way he wrote it, etc…

    And actually I find no contradiction between being insomniac and loving sleeping. You can have problem to fall asleep and be happy when it finally happens !!!

  5. i agree that there’s no particular accuracy in these interviews and articles. i don’t think the typical mc or elle reader will remember something about daria 10 minutes after she read the article, so authors and agencies can’t waste too much time in controling consistency.
    it’s that it’s just amusing to notice all these unaccuracies or possible contradictions, but i also think it doesn’t happen to daria only, it happens whenever an interviews is a p.r. thing and you have to provide a profile that fits your client’s – in this case lancome – exigencies.

  6. Haha yes, I read an interview of hers (in English so I’m sure I read correctly) where she says that after traveling the world as a model she’s realised that the TV programmes are shit in every country and that the world would be better if they didn’t exist. I quite like my TV and it’s nice to know that Daria appreciates the genius of House, one of my favourites.

  7. well as far as beauty stuff in that interview goes I can understand some things: lancome, lancome, more lancome, dr. hauschka. and i cannot speak french at all but i know some words. i think shes saying that at 12 she used to dress grungey and go to goodwill and the salvation army in the first question..

  8. yeah, she’s saying that, but i have really no time to translate the full article… if someone wants to do it, s/he’s very welcome.

    this interview certainly sounds more darish than the elle article. honestly i have doubts that she has seen that one before it was out…

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