indigo girl


pls note the difference of her nose between the retouched close up and the other natural pics!! :ppp

^ a new image!


this is a behind the scene image taken from fw 2009 lancome colour campaign shot by mario sorrenti. title of the line is declaring indigo. more here

10 Responses

  1. omg stunning, reminds me a bit of the thing with kate moss. i am always a big big sucker for this look, works for me every time. i hope the final result does not look over-retouched.
    i cant wait for you many deep postings once your vacation starts .P

  2. i can’t say i’m so thrilled..

  3. She’s just awful on the first pic… Her beautiful eyes are just plastic balls, stupid nose, cheeks like Joan Collins… This is not her at all !
    I just can’t understand why they want (and pay a lot) Daria if it’s just to rearrange her face like that. Why don’t they pick anyone else, less expensive, and photoshop her to look a bit like Daria ?

  4. that’s an interesting question.

    maybe that’s not daria. it’s a stuntwoman playng daria.

  5. :-p

  6. oh come on, models are models, no one is supposed to take portraits of them. she has a great face that can be easily moulded the character these guys were after. none of those pics are documentary…

  7. yeah, but there’s a certain difference between fiction and photoshop… nobody is asking to have real daria in a lancome ad – which would be a disaster for lancome!! -. but here daria is so deprived of expression that you can’t even say she’s playing a role or a character… it’s pure plastic!

  8. Evelina, I actually appreciate your point of view… Very interesting… (but I definitly agree with Eword!)

    (oooh sorry for my poor english, I do my best, grmb!)

  9. of course there is a difference between fiction and photoshop, you use photoshop to create fiction, so it is different categories.

    well she is just playing the deprived of emotion character who happens to have the linda evangelista nose. lol

    Me! thank you very much for considering my point of view. I also love how daria looks with no make-up, photoshop, fancy clothing etc, but the art director guys have some other ideals… btw Your English is great!

  10. yeah, to create fiction despite the model.. so why booking a model? just create a syntetic image, that would be cheaper!

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