daria claire

daria marie claire aug 09464here comes the scan of the marie claire beauty interview. i’m not commenting these new interviews, but just let me say that i find it funny that after mentioning again for the …..th time the lemon tip thing, this time she added that you have to moisturize your skin soon after! maybe she – or some for her – read all the comment ppl have made about lemon making skin dry. anyways, it’s also funny that the lemon tip is a heritage of mine too from my mother’s family… but i mostly use lemons skins to make my elbows softer. that’s a tip i really recommend to everybody. i don’t know if daria knows about it too…
i didn’t understand a thing though. in this interview she says she adores sleeping, she could do it for a whole day. in the other interview she says she’s insomniac… ??? maybe she sleeps during the day cos  she can’t sleep during the night.  or maybe i just don’t understand french very well.


c’est elle… peut-etre!

108this is the elle august interview in a bigger size, kindly provided by deborah who found it at the site written on the image. a bunch of funny stories indeed! today i bought marie-claire (buuu!! like th worst fan!) but i can’t scan that interview because i don’t have my scanner here. maybe tomorrow.

mysterious pic again (maybe)

"what happened to my hair?!"

"i can't find my gloves..."

does anybody know where this pic comes from? it was posted in a blog under the name of eniko and caption says it was taken during a testino’s shooting in time square… maybe an unpublished pic from her latest us vogue editorial? or maybe it’s just my memory to start to get old…

anyways, daria is featured in another french magazine: the issue of the 10th of july of elle. title of the little interview is une nuit avec daria (a night with daria). i’m not even commenting all the recent interviews cos i find some pieces so surreal that it’s definitely better if i keep my mouth well shut. the telegraph one has some interesting pieces, i’d like to know more about her ‘existential wake up’, but… okay,we’d better enjoy this new preview. hopefully some french reader will scan the page (it’s time to buy a scanner for my precious french source!!! 😉 haha). i hope there’s some unexpected transgenderism in the elle picture.

elle 10th of july

marie claire

daria has a short beauty interview in the august issue of french marie claire. we can’t read the interview in this image taken from journaux.fr, but my source (deborah) told me she mentions again the lemon tip… or maybe it’s just the journalist who mentions it!

marie claire interview

in the meantime


while i’m waiting for a proper internet connection in my summer residence, which will lead to some changes in this blog, enjoy this kettela’s unknown picture. news: longchamp campaign was posted at tfsand she gave a decent tinteview to the telegraph (uk). everything available at tfs… and at the daria blolgs by tinsley and mm6789.

daria is around



while we are still waiting for vogue paris summer profusion links from switzerland (thanks to gina), from france and from england through dwg (daria werbowy gallery).
mm6789 also found a missing pic from the us vogue editorial… we want a proper scan now, cos the pic looks quite good!

a funny thing

just a little funny personal thing… my father bought a new car and, guess, the first 2 letters of the plate are… DW!!! hehehe! i can’t escape my destiny! 😀