welcome to the new darialogist

this blog  is a queer homage to daria werbowy, in my view a peculiar BODY ARTIST more than a topmodel.

GENDER ROMANCE means that i explore how daria’s body language is stronger than fashion stereotypes and marketing constraints. that’s what i consider HER POETICS as a model: modeling as a performance, body as a representation of conflicts. and that’s also why i consider her as MY MUSE: she embodies a perfect refined meeting of feminine and masculine, melancholic and ironic, physical and intellectual, my ideal of beauty and erotism.

this site is focused only on daria’s works, not on her private life.


17.07.09: first changes start to be evident… in daria’s works and body art sections…

17 Responses

  1. congratulations on the new site eword! so far looks great and very informative 🙂 im very interested to see how it will evolve

    ill miss the old site but i am glad that you’re keeping it up – the posts were very interesting to read through. its definetly an amazing blog and im still sad you wont be writing there

    and of course i will update your links! ill mention it in a post

    the site for the daria gallery is:

    keep up the amazing work 🙂

  2. certainly it will be more *sctructured* than the previous page, but hopefully with same fun and quality. 🙂

  3. Good to see that the darialogist keep on fighting !
    I looooove the way you write about Daria (and it makes me work my english (i’m french and i’m very bad to speak other languages))

  4. merci pour ton commentaire! 🙂

    i hope you’ll keep on commenting as much as i keep on fighting! 😉

  5. Thanks for all!!
    this is one of my webs or blog faves!
    I love daria and I love this site!

    No news in Spain about daria….

  6. I really like your blog (I read the previous dariaologist on blogspot), the way that you break down Daria’s work for example the Pirelli calendar is really good. I agree with you on most points and you seem to really look past the fashion aspect of editorials and such and really analyze an image. I like how you explain how you view a certain image and then discuss the problems you have with it. Your posts are really inspirational and I hope you continue to write forever, I’m sure Daria is pretty honored to have somebody like you devote an intellectual while still fashionable blog to her.

  7. thanks girls for your words.
    it’s nice to get comments like yours… 🙂

  8. Happy to see you back in this new version. Long live the Dariologist!!

  9. ciao shana!!

  10. Hello!

    I am a brazilian blogger.

    Thanks for comments in my blog.

    I post a link for you.

    Merry Chistmas!

  11. thanks for leaving a comment here too!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I want to see where this site is headed! Good luck with everything:)

  13. i have a very bad memory too! im sorry but i dont know the time or place of the picture – ill let you know if i find out though 🙂

  14. Cool site! Daria would be proud. Keep up the outstanding work!


  15. so has anyone unraveled the mystery of Daria’s neck tattoo?

  16. i think there must be more than one mysterious tattoo!

  17. I’ll refrain from asking about any others.my curiosity must not be greedy. ;]

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