v59 preview

perplexe cowgirl

perplexe cowgirl

bah, we don’t reach the level of horror of v41, but how to say it? testino strikes back… what a perfect combination of tasteless sexism: testino, the man who doesnt have access to feminime erotism, and v, the magazine always trying to look hypertrendy… and daria’s isn’t even the worst pic. in the preview at v magazine i saw worst things. testino is as refined as a hammer when he shoots nude women, but at least daria is so naturally elegant that she saves the pic from vulgarity. maybe because she looks like she’s holding the swimsuit more than pulling it down! and her expression is everything but heterosexist! i don’t know if there are more pics.

(please give credits if you use the pic since it’s a composition of mine!)


new (?) h&m


mah… blah… i’m rather perplexe… it looks like a vogue paris editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… i have seen this kind of poses and this setting so many times… i was really expecting something different. to use a word often abused by fashionistas, that’s really boring and uninspired. it looks like it’s going to be one of her worst compaigns ever.
(pic posted by miss at bellazon)

homofetish for homominds

do you remember that rather ugly numero nippon august 2007 cover where daria’s expression was so wrong? well, as it often happens, it looks like they picked the worst picture comparing the cover with the outtakes taken from dusan reljin’s portfolio at managementsartists.com:

inspiring homofetish in homominds


i’d say these pics look much more darish and less photoshopped than the cover. there’s that bitter erotism that’s so typical of our girl. not all of them are at the same level – i mean: i’m not a fan of the finger in the underwear pose – but in some of them there’s something very basical and essential, basically and essentially erotic. daria doing nudity at her best. with a touch of fetish. homofetish. homofetish for homominds obviously.
(find via calikartel)

body of evidence

leather is the night

leather is the night

just one word: so darish…
again everything is so right, so right this year… well, everything but a few cavalli pics… but it’s like in this early 2009 i have seen sometihng consistent in editorials, covers and advertisments, despite variatons of styling and gender playing. maybe it’s just that her body languge has become so mature and aware. maybe.
the first picture above reminds me of another shot… let me think about it. i find it amazing though. so energic, so volitive, so strong, yet so classy and delicate. magical touch.
the complete series of shots is available here. i’m not that fond of the 3rd couple of pics, but i’m loving this shooting!

uptown androgyny

definitely so unique

definitely so unique

a new editorial coming from japan… i don’t want even tell you who shot it… let’s see if you guess the right name with no need to tell you… but this time it’s definitely not inez & dejà-voodh… so what’s happening this year?! why suddenly does every editorial look so right? why is every editorial a gender daring variation? finally! what happened?! first we got testino’s transgender editorial where i think for the first time i had to search return of repressed on the feminine side… then we had that chanel character destructuring dark-mooded editorial in paris vogue. and now this new set of pictures where daria is playing the most androgyne uptown girl ever. and what’s extraordinary in my opinion is that she even better plays with genders when she’s styled as a femme. that’s so unique, that’s her peculiarity. what i have noticed is that recently sweetness seems to have gone away. her posing is s0 torn between fierceness and melancholy, while sweetness looks lower.
while we’re waiting for the scans, enjoy images here. i’m only a bit perplexe about her looking skinner than usual. i don’t want to start any speculation, but her arm doesn’t look so good in the last pic. in other pics her arms look normal, so i really hope that it’s only bad stupid photoshop.

lancome pictures


i know, i know, i still have to comment properly about the vogue paris editorial. i’ll do it as soon as i have some free time, which hasn’t happened yet in the latest week. btw, i bought the issue. i’ll be able to scan when i recover the mag. i left it somewhere else when i had to travel last monday.
instead thing of the day is that in a site from vietnam i found a bunch of new lancome (?) pics that look new to me.


i mean, nothing stellar, but that’s a nice set and new things are always welcome. the site says that source is lancome, so it looks like they haven’t completely forgotten about daria! i wouldn’t say her interpretation of the lancome femme is so good in any pic. for instance in the #5, despite long dress and pose, there’s a masculine vibe that i can’t see so ‘lancomien’. at least it’s good to see the natural shape of her legs. #6 and #7 are nice and more darish, but we’ve seen similar poses many times. i like #8, i like the combination of shoulders, skin and dress.



little pic great pose ;-)
who’s this prince charming in heels?

a few new things to fill daria’s modeling universe today. 🙂

first, we got this new unexpected campaign: balmain. unfortunately at the moment the only available image is still very small. yet, rather revealing. i bet it’s inez & vinoodh again… or not? i even wonder if the pic was shot on the same day and in the same place as the isabel marant campaign. anyways, i heart a very similar rough and post-fashionist mood. still emmanuelle alt behind? and her love for daria? it would be nice to write an essay on remotion and return of the removed in alt-werbowy relationship!
so imagine a long trip along the isabel marant road to nowhere through the desert … and at the end of nowhere – in pure mitology – this dusty green place with such a tall transgenetic being standing in heels. soundtrack is a slow lo-fi version of prince charming by adam and the ants. how beautiful if such a minor stream could finally become the new mark of daria’s late career. instead of new dull works aiming to make her charme regular and… er… commercially appealing to consumers.
from this perspective an article about dormice taken from fad looks interesting. daria seems to be “in talk” with them “to star in a campaign that is first accessed by portraiture”. it would be great to see her in a work by this duo that mixes so different styles, bonding classical references with a metaphisic vibe and a postmodernist dimension.
and to finish with another unexpected collaboration, even if that happens at h&m, according to vogue.uk daria should be in a forthcoming campaign featuring designer matthew williamson too and shot by solve sundsbo. a different photographer! look at the excellent result when he shot daria in 2003 for vogue uk in the editorial page (see link k on the left) clickin on ‘2003 – jump to the beat‘. i also wonder if he shot her for hermes fw 07 too. not sure about it at all. corrections are welcome, but certainly that editorial shows that he might know how to get darialogism out of daria… although it’s a campaign!