stroke on stoke

charity cuteness

charity cuteness

i’m in a rush, i can’t post properly – even there’s little to comment about, i’d say. more pictures here.


daria for good

i have been a lazy darialogist in the latest days! i have a few hq or good quality pics to link at and i haven’t done it yet. i’m not at home now, so maybe i’ll do it when i’m back home. meanwhile let me post a link to an initiative i have been known for a few days, since deborah first posted the link at tfs.

at the top of the world

top of the world

yeah, as the pic (courtesy of miss jockilla) suggests, daria is quitting modeling and joining canadian snowboard team!! kidding… even if i might like the idea: no more political conflicts inside myself! so, no quitting yet, she’s hosting a charity event in ny next saturday. this event is organised by a no profit association called stoked that helps young ppl at risk providing sport opportunities. if you want to read how daria got involved in this project, read the article at just ignore the idiotic part on daria’s legs and consider that certainly having daria as a host will give the event a little more visibility. so fans and admirers from ny, you know where the right thing is at this week!

indian colonialism?

daria is featured in the june issue of uk vogue in an editorial entitled indian summer by patrick demarchelier… member at tfs definied it as a ‘standard daria editorial’… i’m afraid it can be a new exotic colonialist kitsch editorial, like testino in peru, argentina or marocco… :ssss let’s see… expectations are low.

july in vogue

from fashion week daily:¬† “mario testino and anna wintour recently were enthralled by the play and west side story will be featured in the july issue of vogue in a shoot with daria werbowy”. i don’t know if i have to be happy about too or start hitting my head against the wall!

vogue paris

i’m in a rush: first images here.

looks like vogue paris cover of the may issue is confirmed, even if source wasn’t quoated.

LATEST UPDATE from tfs (originally posted by BerlinRocks)
the cover feats Daria front shot wearing denim jacket, and khaki ensemble (short + vneck tshirt made brassi√®re), and a besace with fringe on right shoulder. something pretty sexy militarian. she’s wearing a long necklace with a shell pendant and two bracelets made of this dark blue stone (never know its name). she’s holding the collar of the denim jacket with her right hand and left hand on her hips (i guess you can imagine the pose). smoky eyes and hair waxed in the back … sunset in the back. the Vogue font is dark blue, the rest of typo is white and blue.
Game Girl by Inez & Vinoodh and Emannuelle Alt, ft. Daria W. (and boys) 14p. colour / 2 double page
Esprit Libre by Ben Hasset and Julia von Boehm, ft. Daria 5p. colour, portraits (<– will she be our daria?)

new ed

daria has an editorial by david sims in the may issue of vogue america.


it’s official: i’m in a darialogistic hysterical mood!! all that blah blah about meisel and models’ interacial bfs… and no scan of daria yet! btw, an editorial about models and their intersexual girlfriends would have been much better!


you’re waiting for daria showing up on a cover in paris. instead you get her showing up in london… eurochannel manouvres in the dark…



picture by mario testino who this year seems to be able again to shoot daria decently… (scanned by nothingless at tfs). too bad it’s a bit too airbrushed and that the missing g makes this weird voue effect…