longchamp vs. longcamp

longchamp 1

finally a sign of life on the fw09 ads side! i was wondering if our girl had been a bit too lazy recently!! :p
me, i didn’t even know a brand called ‘longchamp’ existed, but better than nothing! and in general i like her working along with kate moss cos there’s always a genuine erotic vibe between them (do you remember yurman 08 vid?!?! a cult!!). the pic is rather small so it’s difficult to distinguish details, it looks like a typical m&m pic, i don’t know if the sailors row thing is visionary or just pure fashion demential, i’ll have to think about it when i see hq images, certainly daria looks a bit weird with no eyebrows, but that may be a part of fiction, so i don’t mind about it, it’s only a matter of good or bad fiction. certainly i like the pose, there’s an androgyne vibe that i certainly prefer – just to make an example – to any lancome hyperfeminine fiction. so let’s wait for better pics. i must confess i would like to get a pic where it’s our girl to be dressed like a sailor and hold waif moss in her arms… 😉 talking about camp vibes…


2 Responses

  1. oh wow! can i say how much i love this! this is pure visual poetry. reminds me of a valentino campaign from a few years back. I always fall for the dark lips smoky eyes pulled back hair look. get kate out of that photo and put me in there!!!

    the pose the styling and expression of the face, all is extraterrestrial. who cares about eyebrows!

    actually you cannot see the faces of the naval officers, they may as well be girls!!! daria clones, haha. i want to see more of that!!!

  2. longchamp is a well known brand but yeah it is not a big campaign. I still think our girl hmm boy can surprise us

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