i love spain

esteban deepics by santiago esteban for spanih magazine hola (2008) here (click on photographers and then on esteban).


6 Responses

  1. Daria AT 0:43

  2. beautiful pics but so boring/predictable. love the middle one of all though.

  3. thanks kate for the link.

    and yeah, we can’t say those pics are so great. the middle one is probably the most interesting, so gender daring.

  4. auuu, I love curtain motifs, always, and yes the middle photo i love.
    i guess you are right Kate, that they are predictable those pics, probably just a reflection of her attitude towards the job.

    this is something i like about inez and vinhood, sorry eword, but at least they somehow manage to make her do things where she seems to be having at least some fun or express some emotions different from how she actually must feel about what she is doing and this shows in the pics…

    anyway, great find!

  5. i’m not against i&v, it’s obivous that they are better photographers than this one. it’s just that i’d like her to work sometimes with different photographers…

  6. check out the pic of d with her drawing on the stoked website under auction adn the click on view whats for auction its one of the last pics

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