pretty in pink

57493176crayolapink123520200933440pmshe was in spain the oher day to get some essential prize like the most beautiful face of the year. more later. meanwhile you can enjoy a few pics here.
event was called something like glamour beleza and took place in madrid on the 20th of may. i much prefer this outfit and style to what she was wearing at the met. she (?) got to personalise stella mccartney with the pink blazer and with her very darish balmain boots, to avoid, as i read in a blog, ‘girly overkill’. and if you want to compare her to celebrities wearing the same dress, have a look here. now i feel like a fashion blogger!!


11 Responses

  1. cute=)
    Didnt know that she has so many earrings! O.o

    Interesting that she goes more into the public eye..
    maybe she didnt intend that, maybe her management did.

  2. i definitely think it’s her team decision, which includes her consense. i can’t see daria as an events lover, i’m sure she prefers other kinds of things, but going to events like this is a part of her job and gives her more visibility. which can’t be so bad this year since we don’t know yet about any major campaign.
    but it’s been an interesting year so far, much better than 2008.

    and more earrrings is a part of 2009 daria.

  3. dont think that things are that bad for her.. its not like shes starving from hunger or something
    At least she has h&m!

  4. i defintely don’t think so. but if you compare her 2009 campaigns to other seasons you hope she’ll get something more prestigious soon!

  5. she’s got some cool piercings, and god she’s so busy. she was just hosting that stoked event a few days ago.. oh and those boots are amazing.

  6. Never recognized the piercings either – but I like them – got a few by myself 🙂
    And yes, Daria has never been a Red carpet – events kinda gal. I don´t know why but lately I have that weird feeling that she might quit modelling in the near future. (hopefully not too soon!)
    I just hope that she leaves with a big Bang !

  7. dude, that girl has millions of dollars in the bank..
    cool down its really not like she couldnt survive on that
    or like she couldnt do WHATEVER she WANTED to do…-

  8. anon, i think you’ve totally misunderstood the meaning of my comments.
    nobody is saying she’s getting into poverty if she doesn’t get campaigns! that would be ridicolous and makes me think you don’t know this blog very much. i’m just saying she hasn’t got any major hf campaigns recently, apart from – maybe – cavalli.

    yeah, a big bang wouldn’t be that bad… and i also have some ideas about an appropriate big bang. img team, please contact me! :pppp
    anyway, certainly she has lancome for a couple of years more, so let’s see.

  9. “I don´t know why but lately I have that weird feeling that she might quit modelling in the near future. (hopefully not too soon!)”

    She said in an interview that she would quit by her 26th or 27th birthday to sail around the world, so maybe she will quit soon. I find Daria to be more interesting when she’s not modeling anyways.

  10. There are 3 things that i have notice about Daria. When she apears in events .
    1 She never were bra (and i think that is always)
    2 She always cross her legs when she is poising
    3 She always move her hair to the back( this was an eception)

  11. She looks so amazing! Check out a post about Daria’s style in my blog:

    I hope you like it!

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