87440984a bit more on the stroke event at modelina (found through tinsley). nice to know that she had been snowboarding – or at least trying to! – in the previous 2 weeks (maybe she meant 10 days, cos met took place on the 4th and on the 14th she went to that other event… – but see comments). such a sporty girl!! who knows if kennyboy was with her! anyways, she gave a drawing of hers to the auction, title was ‘freebird’. freebird, freedaria!
so as a final comment i will say that i’m not always that fond of charity events. maybe it’s just the concept of charity that i don’t like, cos charity often does nothing long-term substantial to change social reasons of unjustice or poverty. that being said, i prefer seeing daria hosting events like that than going to the latest red carpet. also because we got very cute natural pics instead of clumsy make ups and cemiterial expressions! 🙂
*** just found this pic at this other blog:


8 Responses

  1. ……
    her stories are always a mess! she is not good with dates.

  2. but i must say that the modelinia post isnt that clear. you don’t fully understand if she refers to the time when she got involved or she talks about previous days.
    but A. i agree with your observations.

  3. good work!
    mmm.. i found the 06 e interview.

  4. thanks. i sent you a fb message about it.

  5. Kate, where did you find the eTalk interview from ’06? I’ve been looking for that for quite a while.


  6. I love Daria’s style of drawing, it looks like wood carvings on paper almost.

  7. lol “freebird”. I can’t help but think of lynard skynard’s freebird- inspiration maybe?? I like to think so

  8. maybe her inspiration was just a bird able to fly free and live naturally in the wild. good song though

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