stroke on stoke

charity cuteness

charity cuteness

i’m in a rush, i can’t post properly – even there’s little to comment about, i’d say. more pictures here.


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  1. Love her here! She looks like she rolled out of bed a few minutes ago heheehhe
    Oh, and I think it´s not the same beer – 😉

  2. i love those jeans. i’m so glad Daria isn’t the kind of model that tries to look “sexy” and wears super short bright pink dresses and silver heels, crap like that. that’s one of the reasons why i like her so much, she doesn’t have to try. she’s just cool.

  3. hi teresa, welcome aboard! maybe she really rolled out of bed a few minutes before!! who knows!! :p

    yeah, to me too she’s cool. cool, not hot. the best of erotism.

  4. how cute is she in that photos. i like the cool vs hot, was actually shooting two girls yesterday one is totally hot and the other is just very very cool, but she drives me mad every time i see her… umm but that is another story,

    good job on standing up for you blog btw, that post yesterday, pls dont post original photos, this blog is about dee, no need for pics of other peeps here.

    this year there have been more appearances already. i wonder what campaigns she gets. do you know anything about the strategy for this year.

  5. cool vs. hot is a classic!

    well, i may understand the guy yesterday got a bit upset. falling on the darialogist in that way may be shocking! 🙂

    i think strategy is always the same: money!!! :p

  6. i love the idea of 0 make up . she look great even if she doesn´t have make up on her.. i hate her because of that some times 😉

  7. Teresa.. I think it is the same beer..

  8. not more pictures – just untagged ones, without the white “jamd” 🙂

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