the real sexy cowgirl

other ppl in the pics were deleted

this is the cowgirl we like! a very in shape daria from harper’s bazaar avedon afterparty in ny, not that retouched heterosexist-ized version by testino in v59… :pppp

i didn’t understand when this event exactly took place. if you want to know more see source. there you can also see full pics, cos you know i just focused on our girl and removed a certain darialogistically pointless man.  yeah, me acid and militant!! :p and btw, girls, i know you are all there drooling!!! [and when will irony be understood in this world?!]

[and then something rather unrelated, but i feel so angry as gay and as italian that i have to spread the awful coincidence of 2 events taking place in moscow today. words are unnecessary: gay repression vs. berlusconi visiting]


9 Responses

  1. ouch! i don’t think kenny and I are pointless/unnecessary!
    please remove images!

  2. hey, i wasnt referring to you! and i was just kidding as everybody reading this blog should know. but if you take offence at that, i’ll remove caption. i don’t see why i should remove images. they are not private, since you posted them in your public blog to show them to your readers. unless you don’t feel at easy with this site being outedly and proudly and ironically gay.

    i also quoted your post as a source, so i think i was very correct and gave you more traffic. and i’m sure even her agency is happy about it!

  3. the images are not private. however they are mine and should not be edited from their original form. they were for my blog. not yours.

    you should respect my wishes, it would only be the professional thing to do….

    take care.

  4. this blog is rather amateurish, not meant to be professional!! unless being a darialogist would become a job… which could be an idea!

    apart from jokes, i think i would have been uncorrect if i edited the pics and didn’t quote the source where ppl can see the original format and read your post.
    instead i quoted your source – that’s why you came to know about my post – and from stats i’m seeing readers are coming to your blog and now know it. so it’s more visibility for you and your pics with models.

    btw, if you continue to publish pics like that, be ready to see your face spread in forums and sites. so maybe you’ll find my editing not that bad after all… even respectful.


  5. Woow i saw this pics yesterday!
    and… i don´t know what else to say..
    i am in the searching of the missing 06 video hahaha!
    ok.. and
    eword.. U ROCK! ♥

  6. Daria seems happy with Kenny, I think they make a cool couple,very cool. and I love how she’s dressed! that jacket is amazing… and i don’t see why it’s wrong that she edited Kenny out I mean this blog is about DARIA not her personal life/boyfriend.

  7. “this is the cowgirl we like! a very in shape daria from harper’s bazaar avedon afterparty in ny, not that retouched heterosexist-ized version by testino in v59… :pppp”

    oh and i agree with this completely..

  8. yeah, they make a good couple in pics! :p

    i prefer thinking that daria just looks happy and in shape. 🙂

  9. THIS IS A COMMENT ON BEHALF OF 009 (who can’t comment here and left a message at the old darialogist)

    daria drinking! thanks for deleting on those photos.

    I still cannot post on your other blog.
    I’ll add you on msn if that is ok with you!

    [that’s ok for me]

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