usual precooked words

blah blah amazing...

blah blah amazing...

a few images and a few words here.


8 Responses

  1. lol. deee could not have looked more bored and disinterested even if she tried… but the campaign photos look good.
    can you please post the original link to video from your previous post. i need to access your blog via a 3rd party and cant see it.

  2. here it is:

    i’m sure daria did her best…

  3. I have seen this video like a day afther the party but then i lose the page hahaha . is good even if she dosen´t speak… the hair of everyone was like out of control because of the wind LOL

  4. i have tried to submit a comment soo many times and still no success.

    i saw daria on the gala night, at a bar. she was looking really good, she was with some friends (models too i guess) she was smiling having good laughs. she did not looked all bored like at the gala. i did not know who she was, now i know!!!

  5. now i see my comment got thru!

  6. yeah, i don’t know why, a few ppl have had problems posting comments!

    so thanks for sharing, mm. it’s always nice to know she was having a good time. 🙂 and if you like to share more, you know where the right place is! 😉

    kate, she’s actually talking in this vid… like 10 seconds!

  7. Daria is probably the only person who can make that dress look decent..

  8. well haha sorryy i was referring that… she talk just few seconds!

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