lady gala 2

this is a vid that a nice reader suggested to me at facebook. daria is talking twice in the final part. i didn’t fully understand what she’s saying the second time. any typing of it will be very appreciated!


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  1. She says “we’re treating this as if it was like a girl’s night out at the bar, there’s no other way we could do it.”

  2. Daria looks SO freaking sexy, by far she was my favorite of the event(L)

    Btw, I didn’t understand very well what she said, but that’s what I understand(:

    “We treating this as if it was like a girl’s night @the bar.
    There’s no other way we can do it”

  3. thanks a lot, girls!|

    i’m happy you commented, nani, cos i might have a request for you. there’s a pic i saw at your fotolog that i don’t have!

  4. Really? Which one (cuz most of my photos are taken from your same sources)
    Im flattered about that (:

  5. “since the nineties we haven’t really had the recognition, so I think it’s amazing that we’re having that recognition now” that’s what she says first 🙂

  6. oh, haha sorry, thought you didn’t get the whole part of what she said..well nervermind then!

  7. thank you indeed julia. transliterations are always welcome!

    and nani, it’s a pic of a 2006 mag page with pics from a lancome thing. i’ll upload it later and post the link in this comments row.

  8. She looks awesome , but her voice sounds a little wird

  9. she sounds drunk at the end.

  10. punch-drunk love!

  11. Nice video. I really like to read your blog, you follow Daria’s career so actively and know so much about her, that’s great. And I do share your points of view in many things about Daria 🙂 Keep up with the good work.

  12. thanks for your words, damned angel. hope you want to share your points of view in comments too! 🙂

  13. Okay, I’ll do my best with that. By the way, I mentioned you in my blog (again), you might wanna take a look on it 😀 Did you earlier take a deeper look on my blog, did you notice that I prefer girls over boys? 🙂 I hope you did..

  14. so this is the perfect place for you!

    i hope i was allowed to publish your latest comment btw!

  15. I don’t mind at all 🙂

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