daria for good

i have been a lazy darialogist in the latest days! i have a few hq or good quality pics to link at and i haven’t done it yet. i’m not at home now, so maybe i’ll do it when i’m back home. meanwhile let me post a link to an initiative i have been known for a few days, since deborah first posted the link at tfs.

at the top of the world

top of the world

yeah, as the pic (courtesy of miss jockilla) suggests, daria is quitting modeling and joining canadian snowboard team!! kidding… even if i might like the idea: no more political conflicts inside myself! so, no quitting yet, she’s hosting a charity event in ny next saturday. this event is organised by a no profit association called stoked that helps young ppl at risk providing sport opportunities. if you want to read how daria got involved in this project, read the article at style.com. just ignore the idiotic part on daria’s legs and consider that certainly having daria as a host will give the event a little more visibility. so fans and admirers from ny, you know where the right thing is at this week!


2 Responses

  1. ugh!! I just left NY like two weeks ago, damn.. I could’ve gone to this. Honestly I think I would’ve gone if Daria wasn’t hosting because it’s a good cause. And she’s so lucky to be snowboarding and all..

  2. HAHAHA i will like go but… i don´t even live in U.S. :S

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