turning exotic into dariotic

i'm not here

i'm not here

this breathtaking shot is an unexpected appendix posted today by ladyflash.ย  i still don’t have time to post properly. just 2 things. 1) this editorial is a proof of how more subtle and refined patrick demarchelier is than ‘hammerio’ testino. could you imagine what messy kitsch editorial would testino have shot? 2) did stylist and crew forget to bring jewellery with them? all accessories are daria’s and stylist’s!! and rings by *cough cough kennyboy*, that evidently daria has to somehow pay… i meant, to somehow help!! :p


12 Responses

  1. her boyfriend designs her jewelry ? I know that her friend makes those cool dagger necklaces but I didn’t know that he was her boyfriend.

  2. maybe you don’t need to know it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    anyways, her *bf* [cough cough] making jewellery is an essential part of their romance!! cough cough!!!

  3. haha

  4. Yes I always see daria with a ring out of runway or work you always alway gonna see her with a ring! when i know that kenny designes jewelry i get like.. hmmm thats maybe one of the reasons she is whit him because well… he is not that hot but.. hes good for her!

  5. i think one of these days i’m going to explode!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. well….-
    how superficial. “hes not hot but well.. he`s good for her!”
    sounds like a sex and the city thought….
    And Kenny IS hot.
    The only picture you probably got to see of him is
    the one in the gallery with Daria….-
    You cant argue on taste.

    @eword dont let your bitterness shine through that clearly. I guess it doesn fit you anyway….

  7. anon, kate was simply making a joke! a bit of irony isn’t bad sometimes, is it?

    de gustibus non disputandum est! but certainly i have a lot of fun in this debate, no bitterness at all!!!

    so, let’s remember this blog is about daria’s works, not about her private life, unless we treat it with ironic love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    [p.s.: anon, there are a few pics available actually]

  8. Well anon i apologize with you and yes i only have that picture and the one in the halloween party!mmm but if oyu have others that will be interesting to see! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. well, if anyone cares Kenny has a website for his jewelry. Kennyjossick.com or something like that i can’t remember but his knives are pretty cool.

  10. anyways, enough with this subject!

  11. let’s try again

    i find his jewlery horrible. sometimes i wonder if the knife daria wears was really made byu this guy because hers looks with higher quality, and when i try to link some interviews or articles published on daria sometimes it makes no sense.

  12. but one of the rings is on her ring finger! whatever that means if it does mean anything at all… *coughs*

    well, care to fully move on now lol

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