lady gala


and when i was about to put down the usual comment on boredaria so evidently hating being there in any pore of hers, i was pleased to see these pictures that show our girl at the best of her natural attitude. go daria, you know we like you this way!

so i can’t really understand those who said she looked fabolous at the event. she looked like a fabolous disaster! dress was rather opinable, hair was the usual mess, make-up was unbalanced with those smokey aggressive eyes and pale face and lips and – as usual with too strong make-up – there was a drag effect that i wouldn’t exactly define as charming… she looked like she had said ‘do whatever you want, but be as fast as you can and don’t bother me too much’. the result is that she was everything but elegant and classy. i still think ot her 2005 white chanel dress… beautiful! i wonder if those ppl who styled are so disoriented – or worried – that they just interpretate her un-adhesion to gender stereotypes as a matter of pushing hard and going smokey and all rock…  anyways, she was a style mess, but a lovely style mess indeed, as usual.

as a consolation let’s enjoy this pic (from that was taken at an event last saturday, “spring field’. guy has a name, but i’ve forgotten it meanwhile. i think he’s a creative director.


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  1. auuu, isnt it amazing how lovely our friend D is. the photo with lily d, i love her glance, it reminds me a photo of her at some party in Brazil, where she seems to be staring at the girls bosom.

    anyway, compared to the other people at the ball, excluding madonna, she may have looked a bit messy, but if you just look at her ignoring she was at the event, i actually like that look a lot.

    strong penetrating eyes, but not a lot of lip, seductive without being intimidating. make-up is identical with one of the lacome mascara adds, just hair is not pulled back. anyway, love seeing her as a mess or however, but that she is out of the dungeon…!

  2. yeah, i remember that pic. i also prepared a joke about it, then i was very brave and didnt post it!

    er not… i really don’t like style like that. not my thing at all.

  3. If you haven’t noticed yet, the ‘messy’ style is her style. She seems to love that kind of attitude… And yes, Daria was gourgeous.

  4. no, i haven’t noticed yet!!! :p

    the thing is that at the met her style was no darish no elegant no nothing… just cute!

  5. No but yes but no but yes but no but…

    REALLY? Her style is messy??
    Like really really?

    ohmygoosh thank you for enlighting us all!
    I was looking at her pictures and candids and stuff and well it seemed to me that she could become the next Britney Spears.. you know.. so thank you finally I see clear & I have no doubts anymore…!!

    I also do think that she could have looked a bit
    better, simply with less make up.
    It`s not that I dont like the messy attitude/style, it`s just that she COULD have looked better WITH her messy style….- and still stay messy
    you know what I mean?!

  6. i see gina is back! i think i still have to write you about lasagne!

    i think i got what you mean. it was messy, but not messy in daria’s style. neither flesh nor fish.

  7. ahhh yes! The lasagne recipe:D

  8. Actually my style is also kind of messy and… well is great because you don´t have do worry a lot in how are you going to look and it just a way to be confortable.
    And doesn´t matter how she dress she always look great, beautiful and natural! ♥

  9. I loved her outfit at the gala, i don’t see how it was messy. And I don’t see how Daria’s style is messy, i think her style is boyish and simple like mine. and god does she look amazing in the last pic..

  10. btw eword i agree about the makeup, though she looks good i think she looks better with bare eyes.

  11. oh wow i think i was finally able to post a comment!

  12. dear —, i think i know who you are! :p but i didnt know you worked for img too!! :ppppppppp
    don’t know why, but this comment looks somehow familar to me… and you don’t even know how good i’m behaving!!

    anon above, you gave a nice description of dee’s style.

  13. Her style is kind of a mixture of all the styles thats why she is so unik!

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