meet at the met… or boredaria is back

e5qvwnthis is all we got at the moment. neither getty nor pmc list her in the captions… so….
no slices of butt in view this year. maybe it’s a sober post-recession spirit. looks like make-up is inspired to vogue paris ‘esprit libre’ and i think make-up artist was the same. nothing new. i would have like someting more daring!!

please note her evident pleasure to be at that event. happiness is spread from hair to boots!! all the pics were posted at her tfs thread, from page 50 on.


7 Responses

  1. hmm, i dont think i have ever see daria wear a bra. maybe this is why she does not want to do vs…

  2. hot damn she looks good…

  3. bra is too heterosexist! ;))))

  4. -..just look at the guy behind her looking at her O.o

  5. are you being irnonic with the happyiess??

  6. me ironic?! never been ironic in my whole life!! 😉

  7. a bra wouldn’t go well with her outfit, maybe thats why she didn’t wear one? and plus Daria’s boobs aren’t that big (lucky!) so she doesn’t even need one.

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