"so please tell me, which face do you want from me?!"

"so please tell me, which kind of expression do you want from me?!"

bah, maybe it’s me clueless about heterosexual charme, but what kind of pic is that meant to be?! i can’t see any sexual appeal in her face in this pic. she looks like she’s waiting for instructions. like ‘ok, i put my hand in my hair as i’ve learnt i have to do when you want me to play heterosexist fiction, and then?! what the fuck do i have to do?!?’. okay, maybe it’s me clueless making her clueless too, but c’mon!! this picture looks very slapdash!!


4 Responses

  1. You are right, she just seems like she’s expecting something to happen. Another thing that bothers me is that her left arm looks kinda wooden and she could’ve placed it somewhere else. I really don’t mind the heterosexist angle but I just hate the fact that she’s supposed to be a hot chick doing nothing, just posing in a sexy one-piece; there’s no attempt to make it a little more tempting than it already isn’t.

  2. I don’t like this cover at all! Normally, Daria can do no wrong for me, but this isn’t sexy. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights and the cover itself is just bad. It’s as if they just glued her body onto a piece of pink paper, there’s no life to it.

  3. very sharp comments, thanks!

    we only have to hope it’s a preview… maybe definitive cover will be better, i don’t know… i find it strange that they put a piece of other photographs in the cover and with such a bad photoshopping.

  4. worst cover i have ever seen of her. she’s a naturally sexy woman and she can pull off this type of sexy we see on the cover..but my god at the photoshop of it. yuck.

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