vp is for vogue profusion

i know, i'm predictable

i know, i'm predictable

vogue profusion here. more when i have time. and the following is my fave pic of the beauty editorial, there’s a darish touch i like. thanks to diorette.



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  1. It’s funny but the beauty pic you posted is also my fave pic :-D. ‘Game girl’ was shot in Los angeles because in the credits it’s written ‘Production Los Angeles GE’ something like that.

  2. it’s my favourite too 🙂

    and this will definetly be a cult editorial!

  3. i hate seeing Daria all glammed up like in the last pic but I really do love it. my favorite pic from that beauty ed is probably the one of her smiling though, it is so gorgeous and happy.

  4. you seem to belong to that party that is happy when daria basically plays herself in eds! 🙂

  5. i guess i do, i really like how she seems in real life, very tomboyish! which is exactly how i am.

  6. yet i like editorials too where she plays pure fiction.
    cos its even more intriguing to analyse the duality of her body language.

  7. what duality do you see in this ed?

    I just see a beautiful woman with a lot of (violent) power.

  8. which ed do you refer to? “game girl” or “esprit libre”?
    in the first one i just see daria with all her energy. in some pics i see a bit of her masculine side, but i have seen more gender daring image than those.
    in the other one i see a lot of irony in some pics.

    but i was talking in general, i wasnt referring to those new eds specifically. i was saying that i like it when she plays the femme cos you see the tomboy, so to say. euphemism!

    and dont you think its a duality to put together feminine and violence? i mean, something subverting traditional gender attributions.

  9. confession: I am still drooling. 😛

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