quintessence #2 – 5 years later

ok, title is different, but spirit is similar, seeing the img preview.


you can see other 3 preview images in her img portfolio. link is on the right sidebar.
title is ‘quick change artist’ and these first pics remind me both of quintessence (vogue paris august 04) and another editorial for harper’s bazaar (sept 04) both by david sims.
so, thanks to god someone different from i&V and imitators (h&m photographer)!!! btw i made a mistake when i wrote at tfs that i didn’t like daria working with sims! i love it instead! i screwed up sims with steven klein. i only like one editorial by him featuring daria, that one with natalia v. too (sept 04 – us vogue).

so hopefully we’ll get hq scans soon. i might consider even buying this issue. so i can also read the models’ conversation!!!
(and of course that military jacket is the same as the balmain campaign… does balmain have any other clothes?)


2 Responses

  1. I posted daria’s preview pic in her thread at tfs. I credited your blog. I love the previews! I can’t wait to see the ed in print.

  2. thanks deborah, you’re always very kind and correct. 🙂
    and also helpful cos i cant link to my blog directly from tfs.
    i actually found the img preview thanks to a tfs member.

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