new (?) h&m


mah… blah… i’m rather perplexe… it looks like a vogue paris editorial shot by inez & vinoodh… i have seen this kind of poses and this setting so many times… i was really expecting something different. to use a word often abused by fashionistas, that’s really boring and uninspired. it looks like it’s going to be one of her worst compaigns ever.
(pic posted by miss at bellazon)


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  1. H&M seems to be going for a bright, whimsical look in its ads. I got the same impression from the ads with Shalom Harlow and Eva Herzigova. It’s H&M…and it is what it is. Another side of Daria is presented here and I don’t it’s that bad.

  2. well…let’s wait and see the rest of the ads..btw..i do like this cloth though 🙂

  3. i wouldn’t say that another side of daria is presented… 🙂 i saw this side in… er… 1-2-3 eds by inez & vinoodh, where pose is exactly the same… and also hairdo…. very verty déjà-vu…

    her summer 08 ads were much sexier and more intriguing… yet, it was h&m… maybe an ecception!

    let’s hope something better comes…

  4. Well, actually, I meant in that in the context of Daria’s other current campaigns, this is definitely another side to her work. Maybe not the side you want to see…lol…but it’s another side. 🙂

  5. Daria has an editorial in the may issue of Us Vogue. The photographer is david sims.

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